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Digital love: Halifax talks sex and dating in the age of the internet

From sexting to ghosting to Tinder red flags, results about relating online from The Coast’s 2023 Halifax Sex + Dating Survey.

Decades from now, when historians look back at life in the early aughts, 2010s and 2020s, there’ll be a heck of a story to tell about the internet and the ways it changed how we look for love. (Or if not love, then, y’know… at least a little fun.) From the earliest chat rooms (remember “A/S/L”?), to—lord have mercy on us—Chatroulette, to the next frontiers of ChatGPT (whatever the hell that looks like), we’ve built entire realms for our online selves and fallen in love and lust with perfect strangers over a profile picture. We’ve poured our hearts into late-night messaging marathons. Swiped through fish pics—so many fish pics. Sexted. Flirted. Ghosted. Masturbated. Married. All of this, changed forever by a glowing screen and an endless string of zeros and ones.

Consider this: It’s been nearly 30 years since the dawn of online dating. If were a person—or that is, a dating person—it would be witnessing the end of its wandering twentysomething phase and, in all likelihood, well into its own search for love and lasting connection by now.

As part of our 2023 Halifax Sex + Dating Survey, we asked for your thoughts on online hookups, DM hail Marys and perspectives on what it’s like to date in Halifax in the age of the internet. More than 1,200 of you responded—with all kinds of insights into what it’s like to date and hook up online. All responses are anonymous.

Have you ever developed a crush on someone because of their online persona?

Yes - 55.4%
No - 44.6%

What do you think of online dating?

“Honestly, online dating sucks, everyone knows it sucks, but it’s an effective way to meet new people.”

“Hate ppl who won’t share a pic on online dating.”

“Dating apps suck because you can't tell important things about someone from profiles.”

“Wish there was a local online dating site, or matchmaking service for over 65.”

“Why can't people just focus on one person at a time? I miss the good days when we would date one person at a time instead of swiping online right after being on a date.”

“30 and Hinge, Bumble and Tinder absolutely suck.”

“Don't meet someone online if you can help it... It may seem like the ‘new’ and most ‘convenient’ way to do it, but you have to deal with so much rubbish in the beginning and so much painstaking small talk. It's really for the birds. I hate it.”

The biggest red flags in someone’s online dating profile are…

“Frat party pics.”

“Being vague.”

“Looking for a third for me and my husband.”

“No games/drama.”

“Anything rude in their bio.”

“Too many selfies.”

“I have my shit together so you should too.”

“Pictures of dead animals.”

“Being too full of themselves.”

“Guns, cars and exes.”

“Mentioning The Office.”

“Joe Rogan quotes.”

“Overly posed photos.”

“Photoshopped photos.”

“Trying it again here.”

“Any indication they're looking specifically for a wealthy or tall partner, negativity, ‘hates’ a certain animal (usually cats).”

“Drinking photos with ex cut out.”

“Full body mirror selfies.”

“A confederate flag.”

Have you ever slid into someone’s DMs?

Yes - 38.4%
No - 61.6%

Have you ever successfully slid into someone’s DMs?

Yes - 29.5%
No - 70.5%

Made a booty call?

Yes - 62.4%
No - 37.6%

“You'll have to define what booty call, slide into DM and other dating lingo mean. I am out of date.”

Received a booty call?

Yes - 66.6%
No - 33.4%

Answered a booty call?

Yes - 62.9%
No - 37.1%

Have you ever watched porn?

Yes - 94.9%
No - 5.1%

“You should expand the porn question(s) to include read and listen. I engage with both of these media but don't watch it. I get way more turned on without the visual.”

Been in a porn video/shoot?

Yes - 8.6%
No - 91.4%

Have you ever ghosted a date?

Yes - 30%
No - 70%

Been ghosted by a date?

Yes - 41%
No - 59%

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