The science of memoir writing with Ami McKay

The Daughter of Family G author is subject and source material in her latest page-turner.

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Art inspires. Art informs. It changes minds and moods. It is inherently political and a refuge from public affairs. It says everything and nothing—but don't take our word for it. Take it from the heart-cradlers and truth-seekers in our New Art issue. 

Food + Drink

From Hangzhou to Halifax

From Hangzhou to Halifax

A celebration of our favourite authentic Canadian cuisine

Cocktail Cupids


The Cheesecake Test


Why is it so hard to find legal edibles?


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Love the way we bitch

Why even?


Leave Lori alone


Loves stink


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Jenn Grant knows it’s Inevitable

Jenn Grant knows it’s Inevitable

Coming home with her seventh studio album, the folk-pop star leans into harder edges.

Arts + Culture

New Art 2020

New Art 2020

Eight rising artists creating the fresh works you need to know about this year.

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