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Why can’t Nova Scotia phase out of fossil fuels faster?

Amid global COP28 discussions, focus remains on the province’s plans for an 80% renewable grid by 2030. But there are other options to explore, policy analysts say.

By Martin Bauman

Amid the dizzying displays of oil wealth and lofty visions of AI’s potential to save the planet at the United Nations-led global climate summit (COP28) happening now in Dubai, one neon-emblazoned sign stood out for its brutal honesty: “Act as if your house is on fire,” the conference pavilion display read, “because it is.” The words—co-opted from Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg’s famed speech to world leaders in Davos in 2019—have felt closer to home in Nova Scotia as of late. This year, we witnessed the province’s most devastating wildfire season on record: More than 25,000 hectares of land burned from Shelburne to Upper Tantallon...