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Restaurant Reviews

Easy excess at Rinaldo’s

Heavy, homey and bursting with energy, you won’t leave this Italian American joint unsatisfied.

by Melissa Buote

Rinaldo's 2186 Windsor Street Tue-Thu 11:30am-10pm, Fri 11:30am-1am, Sat 10am-3pm and 5pm-1am, Sun 10am-3pm and 5pm-10pm  As I walk down Cunard Street towards the bus stop, two little boxes sitting as heavily in my bag as the slowly digesting carbs sit in my stomach, I make a promise to myself: I will never go back to Rinaldo’s alone...

  • A night at Bar Kismet

    Call it greedy, but we’d really prefer you don’t go to Bar Kismet so there’s still room for us.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Qiu Brothers Dumplings feels like home

    Welcoming and mouth-watering, Qiu Brothers is one of the city’s best new restaurants.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Patrons 902 Modern Food Fusion finds its course

    The Bedford restaurant gets a mulligan thanks to chef Luis Clavel, whose menu proves creative cuisine and indoor golf can coexist.

    By Melissa Buote

  • First Look: inside The Watch That Ends The Night’s cool Canadiana

    Dartmouth’s newest restaurant made its debut this week

    By Hal Atwood

  • Kaiser’s, king of subs

    Lower Sackville’s sandwich legend serves up consistency, simplicity and nostalgia for lunch.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Gangnam's paradise

    Comforting sweetness and addictive heat make Gangnam Korean BBQ’s flavour unforgettable.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Pho Hoang Minh’s magic number

    Why you should eat dish number 15 today, tomorrow and forever.

    By Melissa Buote

  • The fantastic East of Grafton and where to find it

    Outward-looking creativity shines on Argyle Street, amidst the construction rubble.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Grill crush at Bearly's

    Asado's Southern barbecue at Bearly’s House of Blues & Ribs just makes sense.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Little Oak goes a long way

    The waterfront bar makes a big statement with its airy ambience, beautiful menu and interesting, interested drinks.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Sea of love

    Embarking on the a chef’s choice omakase dinner at Sushi Shige is an adventure for the senses.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Anchor’s the way

    The Anchor brings a neighbourhood hangout, and a great menu, to Fairview.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Destination, Mappatura

    Personality-packed decor, attentive service and homey Italian flavour make a visit to Mappatura Bistro majorly memorable.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Picnic packs personality

    A colourful extension of the Dart Gallery, Picnic’s big ideas make it a beacon of creativity on Portland Street.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Steak expectations at The Barrington

    A perfectly cooked meal inspires some reflection on the tradition of steakhouses.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Maxim value

    Clayton Park’s newest strip mall eatery, Pho Maxim, dishes out personable service and heaping portions.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Selling the sizzle

    It’s discovery central at tucked-away Filipino restaurant Hot Plate: The Sizzling House.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Shuck's sea fever

    Looking for love at Shuck, an edible ode to the region’s stellar seafood.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Holding out for a hero

    Rinaldo’s follows the family tradition of serving Italian-American eats with big, fuss-free sandwiches.

    By Melissa Buote

  • Highwayman’s a driving force

    One of the city’s most exciting chefs marries simplicity and precision at Spanish-inspired restaurant and bar, Highwayman.

    By Melissa Buote