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Coming attractions: What Halifax wants to try next in sex

Ropes are big, but then we are in a nautical city.

If you want to try having sex with multiple partners at the same time, you're not alone. Or maybe you are alone, because it's something you'd like to do, not what you've already done. Whatever. Let's just say that lots of people would be up for getting down with lots of people.

The top 100 words used in answers to the Sex + Dating Survey question "What's the next thing you want to try?" are shown in the word cloud above—the bigger the word, the more popular—and it's hard to miss the prominence of threesome, group and orgy. The only thing that could compete with the group fantasy is a craving for bondage and ropes. But maybe that's not a surprise in Halifax, with its proud Maritime traditions. Who better to put the "naughty" in nautical than us?

To add a little more shading to the picture of Halifax's sexual hopes, below is a sampling of extended answers to this question. Just remember that word cloud: The following are quirky details, but in this town bondage and threesomes come first.

“Actually getting paid for the amount of bad sex I have.”

“Slime wars.”

“How to be more confident and say what I want in the bedroom.”

“Sex in a church (probably not very feasible).”

“Discrete public sex.”

“Taking it easy and being less kinky for once.”

“Tonight I'm going to a private party where I plan on being a public use kinky kitten for everyone to play with 😚.”

“Being fisted (I've already been the fist).”

“More intense subbing.”

“I would like to experiment with more dirty talk—I feel like it always sounds better in my head than when I say it out loud.” (Editor's note: Friend, we've got the story about cringe-worthy dirty talk you need to read.)

“Finding a partner that’s willing to rough me up more—slapping really gets me going.”

“Maintaining my celibacy.”

“Sensory deprivation.”

“Hot wax.”

“I don't know but it would have to be consensual.”

“I want to dominate my partner with toys.”

“Have someone watch me having sex.”

“Massage sex.”

“Just good regular vanilla sex with someone invested in my pleasure.”

“How about everything I have done but all over again.”

“I want to get pegged and generally be more submissive in a monogamous relationship.”

“Being tied up and messed around with... or not.”

“Different rooms of the house.”

“Preceding sex with photography session.”

“COVID-safe cruising: we never see each other’s naked faces but we don’t need to.”

“A weekend of nonstop sex—it's been a while since I started on Friday and didn't see the sun til Monday.”

“Praise kink.”

“Being with a quality human.”

“Nothing—I've reached a point where I'm finally comfortable with my sexuality and my partner and I are happy.”

“A threesome with a woman (we have had a few with other men).”

“Being tied to another person and both being used.”

“My partner bring free use or even just more submissive.”

“Sex in Parade Square.”

“Being bred and seeded by a top alpha male.”

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