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20 cringe-worthy quotes from Halifax dates

Dirty little secrets from our Sex + Dating survey.

We asked Haligonians the most cringe-worthy thing someone had ever said to then on a date, and are still squirming reading your answers. Somehow, 65% of our survey respondents said they'd had sex on a first date and 85% said they'd never skipped out on a bad date and yet, these Smooth Operators walk among us.


"I’ve always wanted to do a milf.”

“Do you want to hear my go-to audition monologue?” which they then performed, in public.

"Your kids STILL come over?"

“It’s a good thing you’re a lifeguard because I’m drowning in your eyes…”

“You’d be hotter if you had tattoos”

How they don’t normally like bigger girls but will "make an exception because of my face."

“I have a boyfriend, we’re both dating people.”

“That work uniform you always wear doesn’t do your body any good”

“Are you a feminist?”—like it was a bad thing

White blonde dropped the N-Word nonchalantly at a restaurant. (I’m white too.)

Any variant of, "You have nice _____, I'd love to ______ it/them”.

Started talking about his ex and how much he missed her. Then he started crying. I had to comfort him and talk him down. This was a first (and last) date.

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