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10 go-to fantasy scenarios from Halifax sexperts?

You told us what you want, what you really really want

Our survey respondents (on average) masturbate one to three times a week, 30 percent of them call their current sex lives "pretty hot" and an adventurous 4% have joined the mile high club. We asked folks to get more specific and break down their biggest fantasies for us—here are some of the stand-outs.


"Hermoine Granger in literally any situation."

"Being watched masturbating."

"Public bathrooms—don’t ask me why, it’s pretty fucking gross. But the movies make it look so god damned sexy."

"Sex in front of big windows in an apartment building, I think."

"Things that I would never do in real life."

"Pretending we are strangers meeting at the bar for the first time."

"Having my partner fuck me while I'm wearing an apron and cooking supper for us."
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