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Halifax Explosion: 100 years later

Look back at history while commemorating the centennial of the Halifax Explosion.

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Lullaby: Inside The Halifax Explosion

Explosion! Dartmouth’s Ordeal of the 1917 Disaster
The Dartmouth Heritage Museum examines the dark side's story of what happened 100 years ago on the morning of December 6, 1917. Dartmouth Heritage Museum, 26 Newcastle Drive, Dartmouth, to Jan 2018

The Halifax Explosion
A documentary flick chronicling the morning of December 6 1917 (and its long-felt aftermath), this FIN film features interviews with explosion survivors.
Cineplex Cinemas Parklane, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Sat., Sept. 16, 1:30 p.m.

Halifax Explosion Panel
To commemorate the centennial year of the Halifax Explosion, the Dalhousie Art Centre is reframing the disaster, option for an artist's eyes rather than the traditional military point of view. This panel discussion will explore the social and cultural impacts of the explosion with a group of artists, urban planners, social historians, cartographers and architects. After the talk wraps, head downstairs to the gallery for five exhibitions furthering the theme.
Sir James Dunn Theatre, 6101 University Avenue, Wed., Oct. 11, 7 p.m

Arthur Lismer and The Drama of a City
The influential principal of the Victoria School of Art and Design (now NSCAD University) and co-founder of landscape titans the Group of Seven, Arthur Lismer remains the great grandaddy of Canadian art. Here, an under-discussed side of his legacy—his works as a commercial illustrator—are highlighted, particularly those used in various publications to document the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion.
Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University Avenue, Oct. 12-Dec. 17

Arthur Lismer and the Halifax Explosion
When Arthur Lismer, member of the Group of Seven and the influential principal of the Victoria School of Art and Design (now NSCAD University), first arrived in Halifax, he explored the city on foot, capturing his observations in preparatory drawings and oil sketches. Here, the public is granted access to these visual diary entries, seeing how Lismer's work developed from rough draft to finished product—and how his ambulatory field work is a contribution to our understanding of Halifax’s history during World War One. Included in the show? Rare works chronicling the Halifax Explosion.
Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University Avenue, Oct. 12-Dec. 17

From 2D to 3D: Mapping Halifax Over Time Oh say say say, this maps-themed exhibit explores the geographic history of Halifax, recreating historic images in 2D and 3D. View people, streets, topographic features—and the ways they've changed over time—from just before the Halifax Explosion to present day. You'll be humming some Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we promise.
Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University Avenue, Oct. 12-Dec. 17

At nearly 100 years old, Halifax's Hydrostone neighbourhood remains one of the Halifax Explosion's most striking legacies. Here, photographer Claire Hodge documents the area's changing face—the grey granite ‘hydrostone’ blocks living next to a dizzying array of wood, composite, and vinyl siding—as part of the gallery's commemoration of the explosion's centennial. Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University Avenue, Oct. 12-Dec. 12

Walking the Debris Field: Public Geographies of the Halifax Explosion
Since 2012, the Narratives in Space + Time Society has been conducting public walks around Halifax and Dartmouth, exploring the ways the disastrous Halifax Explosion continues to shape the city. Here, in one of five special exhibits commemorating the Halifax Explosion's centennial, we see new projects created by the society.
Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University Avenue, Oct. 12-Dec. 17

At This Hour: The Deposition of Harbour Pilot Francis Mackey While the location was TBA as of press time, Zuppa Theatre's next production has us already dreaming of tickets. Billed as a "documentary theatre production," the play tells the story of the Halifax Explosion through the words of a man that saw the whole thing: Francis Mackey. Using heated exchanges lifted directly from court transcripts, it aims to show the whole picture like never before. Dec. 16-17

Cultural Landscapes of the Halifax Harbour Roger Marsters, curator of marine history with the Nova Scotia Museum, talks about the cultural landscapes of Halifax Harbour at the time of the Halifax Explosion. Grab a seat by calling 902-424-7001.
Government House, 1451 Barrington Street, Nov 14, 7-8:30pm

The Dalhousie Symphony Orchestra commemorates the Halifax Explosion The magical musicians of the Dalhousie Symphony Orchestra pay homage to the Halifax Explosion's centennial with this show. Snag seats by calling 902-424-7001. Halifax Central Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road Tue., Nov. 21, 7-8:30 p.m.

Lullaby: Inside The Halifax Explosion
To mark the Halifax Explosion's 100th anniversary, Eastern Front Theatre presents this dramatic, emotive experience that explores little-told stories of Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq and Black communities on Dec 6, 1917.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, 1675 Lower Water Street, Nov. 23-Dec. 10

Halifax 1917: From Dreams to Despair
Nineteen seventeen was a tough year for Halifax: In France, our soldiers were facing the brutal reality of war at the front lines. Back at home, the largest man-made explosion of its time rocked our city to its core. Here, the Halifax Camerata Singers pay homage to the 100th anniversary of the explosion—and the city's unbreakable spirit—with this show featuring The Rhapsody Quintet, Jeremy Webb and a poignant composition by Chris Palmer. Halifax Central Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road, Sun., Dec. 3, 7:30 p.m

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