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Energy Slime is a yogurt-based band

BC side project specializes in short, weird, drunk songs.

Energy Slime is a yogurt-based band
Energy Slime and a whole bunch of other Mint Records stars are coming to HPX.

"Energy Slime is myself and Jessica Delisle, and it began as an outlet for the songs that were too weird, short or drunk for our regular band," says Vancouver's Jay Arner. His label, Mint Records, is hosting an HPX showcase on Saturday afternoon with Monomyth, Tough Age and Fake Tears. For this special set, Energy Slime will be joined by Seamus Dalton and Josh Salter (Monomyth) with Aaron Mangle (Cousins). Slime purists can see the duo at the CKDU radio station Thursday. The band is a departure from Jay Arner's folkier solo stuff. He says it's a "palette-cleanser, like a bowl of yogurt after a healthy meal. Mint Records is definitely the healthiest record label on the west coast. We've got a lot of good yogurt-based bands on the roster right now."

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