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  • Jan 15-21, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 34

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  • War crimes
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  • War crimes

    While the rest of the West might have missed the ugly irony of Israel's recent action in Gaza, the old Scottish poet Robert Burns didn't.
  • Cold comfort
  • Lowefiles
  • Cold comfort

    You don't beat a cold, you beat a virus with a cold. And some DVDs. And some toast.

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  • Naked face of Norm Foster
  • Theatre
  • Naked face of Norm Foster

    Norm Foster's comedic porn-producing production, Skin Flick, premieres at Neptune Theatre. Kate Watson speaks to Canada's most prolific playwright.


Love the way we bitch

  • female "singer -songwriters"

    Okay, this is for all the ... "Bill Jarbers", Chreists, Genn Jrant, etc, etc, all these female singers who sound exactly the same: l;ike they have a frog stuck in their throat, and that frog has a baby goat stuck in its throat. They over pronounce every word, as if it will garner them extra attention if instead of dreamer they say "DRE-EE----EEEA---MMM ERRR-R-R-R-R------RRRRRRRRR" ENOUGH. I wouldnt mind if this crap was on C100, i could just ignore it... but it isnt. Its really too bad, because alot of those songs are well written, until they are butchered by a

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  • Ocean Samuel gets us fighting fit
  • Well Being Guide
  • Ocean Samuel gets us fighting fit

    Looking to get healthy and bash some heads? Lizzy Hill steps into the ring for mixed martial arts training, and discovers that along with pain, sweat and discipline comes a good time among people with cool nicknames.

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