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  • Jan 8-14, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 33

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  • Halifixes 2009

    Our annual Fix the City wish list where we ask the city to fix what's broken.
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  • Rodney’s missing advisor

    To the editor, In “Rodney’s economic advisors” (Dec. 12, Reality Bites blog), Tim Bousquet lists “outside the box” thinkers who should have been appointed to the premier’s Advisory Council to help restructure our economy. I’d like to suggest one more person who Tim and the premier failed to nominate: professor Ray Cote.
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  • Re: Into the Wild

    Hundreds of people worked to protect the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes area

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Love the way we bitch

  • pretty place to live?

    why are there no decent downtown apartments for rent? just because i'm a student does not mean i want to live in a dirty shit hole in the freaking north end. where are the decent places for those who don't want to live in a depressing larch st lair for t
  • Drive-thru Parking Idiot

    To the arrogant man who had the second worst parking job at BMO on Lacewood Drive today at 5pm. There were two drive-thru parking spots. I took one, you took the other, but instead of DRIVING THROUGH it you decided to back into the spot. Then, you seeme
  • Where have all the men gone?

    Why is it that all 20-something males are dressing like they are auditioning for a role in Gossip Girl? Ditch the metrosexual garb and dress like a MAN!
  • Centennial only charges 4 dollars

    I need to go swimming for fitness reasons, and I swear to God I cannot find any damn place that will not rook me out the ass for it. YMCA - 6 bucks for a day pass, $35 for a monthly membership - but "one time fee" of $40 on TOP of that? And AGAIN if yo
  • Quinpool Superstore woes

    I get the idea behind getting rid of plastic bags at the Quinpool Superstore. I don't think it's doing much for the environment - the insane amount of packaging used in the containment and transport of the products that the Superstore sells are a much g
  • shitty sports store...never again

    several years ago i refused to ever again shop at a certain downtown source for sports store. why? because when the size 13 shoes i had just bought were stolen from me not an hour later, only to be returned by the theives (without a receipt) in exchange
  • granville butts

    clean up granville butts you say?everywhere else too. we should ban smokers outsideor make them swallow their own butts if we catch them littering.better still force them to swallow their smoke.
  • Can someone tell me why gas is going up by 10 cents tomorrow?

    Can someone tell me why gas is going up by 10 cents tomorrow? Oil didn't go up all that much and it only went up VERY briefly and is dropping again....don't gimmee no bs. about futures and all that other shite.....oil is back down again to like around $4
  • Sickening War on Civilians

    So far 879 Palestinians have died in the past 11 days. The Israelis were supposed to stop firing today for a period of three hours; instead they began again after only 1.5! They've already bombed a UN school, and they're using white phosphorus, which is
  • Another Israeli Massacre

    The international silence is a crime by itself. Israel Kills children, women and unarmed men on as hourly basis, and no one seems to care. Then, an ignorant would ask; "why they hate us". Robert Fisk answers why in his column in the Independent. http://
  • "Ecotourism"

    I HATE how people self-described as "eco-friendly" feel the need to visit Costa Rica or some jungle wilderness to express their love for nature. They worry about recycling, drive under 90kmph, bitch about Hummers and then go and take a trip to tramp abo
  • stroller bitches!

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people bitch about parents with strollers on the bus. Do you seriously think that we enjoy having to cart our child around in a huge ass stroller? No we don't! Do we have a choice? I don't!!! Our children are the most im
  • Do your damn job!

    My fellow health care worker, in the private sector: When I come in to relieve you after a night shift, and ask how our client was the night previous... please don't roll your eyes and tell me how she was up and down all night long, and that you couldn't
  • Are you seriously 30?

    OK, you're 30 living with four 20 year olds, your a moron. Don't bitch and complain about us staying up too late, sorry grandma, its 12am. Why don't you clean up after yourself? I've never met someone who is so full of herself. You are fucking annoying.
  • Dear Mr. Panhandler

    The answer is always no and yet EVERY time I see you, you ask anyway. I've seen you buying scratch tickets so I know what your game is. I try not to be rude with you because I know that you are a substance abuser and or mentally ill. Please don't ask me

    I lost my wallet. Fuck! What a horrible feeling. So this is bitch to my self (for being stupid), and a bitch to all those wallet-raiders out there, who find our wallets. Sure keep the cash, anyone who puts more than a couple bills in the ass-sachet is an
  • garbage

    I tried counting to ten and it didn't work so be warned I am going to start swearing. STOP PUTTING YOUR FUCKING GARBAGE ON OUR LAND! That means anything that's yours and not mine. GOT IT? It's not that hard to figure out. So we have more land than you, d
  • hippie culture is dead

  • Quit yer Bitchin

    Why are the articles in The Coast so damn whiny? Week after week you people bitch and bitch about this environmental issue or that artist problem. You report to the city like they will solve all your problems, but you never fuckin do anything about it. W
  • Bumper smasher

    Thanks ASSHOLE!! Thanks for backing your fucking truck/car with the trailer hitch right into the front of my truck. Really appreciate it you fucking brainless loser. The least you could have done was left a note to say SORRY I FUCKED UP YOUR VEHICLE. Shi
  • Young love

    You are always kissing me and baking me cookies and wooing me and buying me presents and making me laugh and tickling me and playing video games and making music with me. I am bragging ceaselessly about how awesome you are and how happy I am, and I think
  • Rainmen

    Went to my first Rainmen Bball game last night. It was pretty good ball lots of scoring and they won too so that's cool . I just wish a certain radio station that start's with a Z did'nt throw up all over the game,playing the same ol crappy music every c
  • shitty ass landlord

    I am so sick and tired of listening to your fucking loud ass television above me when I am trying to study/write a thesis.. you promised me this was a quite building, and it turns out your the one making all the noise!! People in apartment buildings have
  • Another Metro Transit Bitch!

    Once again, Jan 7, another storm! It happens every year - we live in the Maritimes! And once again, chaos with Metro Transit. I left work at 1700h (ARSE end of Bayer's Lake) and went to the bus stop, were luckily for me I have the option to take the
  • Sure Keep my $600 phone

    I'd love to thank the person who found my iphone after it fell out of my pocket and decided that they should just keep it. I can't IMAGINE how big of a dick you must be. I am sure you even know what I look like, my New Years, what kind of dog I have. You
  • wcb

    anyone have a complaint about workers comp i have a huge one willing to discuss
  • Rails to Trails

    Why the fuck can't the province make it illegal for the four wheelers to be on the trails in the winter. Not even for the whole winter, just like three friggin' months. From Jan1 to Mar 31 they shouldn't be allowed. They destroy the trails for the snowmo
  • analysis paralysis

    I complained about not being in love, about boys being skanky, about how much I have to give. I met you and now I can't stop complaining about how tight my chest is when you're not around, how I feel love sick all the time, and how I can't stop thinking
  • PAYG

    I went into a cellphone store to buy a PAYG cellphone for my son. I got in the LINE. I waited my turn. When it got to be my turn, the sales person answered my questions, explained the differences between the two different phones we were looking at, ga
  • Bad Curry

    To a certain restaurant: I waited downstairs for 3 and a half hours while you "interviewed" my hard-working boyfriend for a job position yesteday. He submitted his cover letter and resume and then designed a new menu for you as a "sample" of his work. We
  • Chav Spotting in Halifax...

    I've noticed lots of bitches where people refer to "lulu losers" and "brainless bimbos carrying Dolce & Gabbana."I think a fitting word for these girls - the ones who wear Lululemon with no intention of exercising or doing yoga for instance, is Chav!
  • New website has problems, obviously

    Everything seems to be up and running, but the bitch submission process has a kink or two to work through yet. We're working on it. It might get fixed today, but if not, Monday, first thing. I apologize for the delays, and appreciate your patience. I think, tho, that you can use the comment thread on this post to bitch at The Coast for sucky new website design, or whatever.
  • Seriously?

    You're ugly. You have horrible acne everywhere, and somehow you consider yourself pure awesome?you're a ghetto-wannabe white boy, wearing girls pants that are tighter than mine, and a faux baby fedora from Le Chateau. What are you?You're rude, you're u
  • Pay the Fucking Rent

    I gave you an awesome deal on subletting a room in my house. I made sure you got along with the other people renting there. I let you pay me the damage deposit late becuase I knew you were waiting to get one back from your last rental - I even painted
  • HRM Plowing

    To ALL the useless AH's that plow for the city. Pedestrians pay taxes too consider them when you plow the sidewalks near bus shelters. I can do a better job with a shovel the you idoits do with the snow plow. I think we should get a refund on our taxes f
  • Dear HDBC

    I spend about $30 a month to cross the bridge. Why does it take me over an hour to cross the friggin thing? What exactly are these idiots spending my money on? Maybe this should be a bitch about the dumbass drivers who caused me to be late getting hom
  • Love

    i'm thinking about moving to halifax to be closer to the person i think i'm in love with. This is kind of silly, i've got my life all set up here (another larger city about a dozen hours away) and prospects and all kinds of things. But i feel like i can
  • Cover up

    Lately all I have been seeing in Halifax is women walking around with their pussy out. Men dont walk around with their dick out. Ladies cover up and wear clothes that fit and not 4 sizes too small and other thing pantyhose are not pants.
  • Dear Ms Blocked In

    To the stunned retarded cunt who I supposedly blocked in at lunch time today at a well known south end eatery.First off I want to congratulate your fucking mindless inability to figure out how to leave a message on my cellphone. You called me 4, count
  • The Cost vc FFWD

    I'm from Halifax but live in Calgary. There are days when I love living here and days when I hate living here but the thing I hate the MOST is Calgary's version of FFWD. It friggin SUCKS!! Booooo. You haligonians should be happy that you have The Coast
  • Blackberry Fucks

    You piss me off so much. Its bad enough that 20 year olds and under think they're important enough to need to "keep in touch" with the world, but please cut the bullshit. You are basically paying extra to be able to surf the net ie. facebook and use that
  • In the mood to cuss

    I'm rarely hostile, but I'd like to give a good ol' "fuck you" to the cab driver who mistakenly put his foot on the accelerator and then proceeded to turn into a crowd of people at the train/bus station at full force.I'm still somewhat dumbfounded at h
  • Thanks you bitch

    So, we were together for almost 5 years. Lived together. You go away at Christmas and meet someone new. We break up. Now the lovely part is that we share an apartment that still has 7 months left under the lease. I am obviosuly not living with a cheat
  • No More shitty music

    If I hear one more Loverboy song on the radio, I'm going to switch it right the fuck off. Then stick it up the ass of the radio producer.Come to think of it, that goes for Billy Idol, too.
  • Dear hangover,

    Being a fairly big partier I have often thanked my lucky stars at what appeared to be somewhat of an inability to suffer the morning after hangover. Today, however, is a different story. I woke up after 3 hours of sleep to go to work only met with an ove
  • Gee thanks

    Thanks for completely changing my job description, without telling me, after i'd signed a contract locking me into my job for two years! Thanks ever so much for bitching at me when I DON'T do something i didn't know i had to do, or better yet, for not kn
  • this is getting old

    yup it's another one: metro transit get your act together...and give me the $60 you cost me by me missing my class because your bus drove by me and another one won't be along for another half hour. i'd like to also mention that you were late to begin w
  • Chav

    Wow, chav is not a word i heard since i left England, but mt my question is why do ladies go out of their houses wearing PJ pants? Come on at least be bothered to get dressed before you go out!
  • The Same

    Hey Halifax Hipsters:You all look the samethink the sameand ride the same bikes.You are as anti-establishment astapioca pudding. PS Joining a facebook protest group is just political posing, plain and simple... a 'revolution' for the self-absorbed
  • Your service SUCKS

    I know it's a lot to ask in an assy town like Halifax to expect anything resembling customer service, but when you pay five bucks for a crappy coffee, maybe someone could make an effort. No chance of that! After waiting forever for a terrible latte, I as

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