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  • Jan 1-7, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 32

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  • Year of the shoe
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  • Year of the shoe

    With Obama's inauguration, no matter what happens next year, it's got to be better than Bush.

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  • Arts 2008: Life of the arty
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  • Arts 2008: Life of the arty

    There were picnics in your face, hockey mixed with art and Fewer Emergencies in 2008. Kate Watson and Sue Carter Flinn round up a year of cultural happenings.
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  • Music 2008: Full house
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  • Music 2008: Full house

    She may have been on tour for a while, but our Scene and Heard columnist is on top of all the big shows, closures and prizes. Stephanie Johns slams the door on 2008.

Love the way we bitch

  • NS Student Loan System

    I thought this system was supposed to be faster and more efficient now that everything is online.The so called loan was "supposedly" to be deposited in my bank account by Dec 31st. My classes have started today and I need to buy books and pay tuition,
  • 6" blt on whole wheat, hold the fingernail

    so, i go to a sub place, get my sub ,get home inhale it. as im sucking the remnents out of my teeth, i think to myself a pepper i get the floss out.......not a pepper seed.....a real human fingernail. its pretty late i know there is no manager
  • Sobeys Ripoff

    Minor bitch but since when is 2/$4.44 for a 2L of pop a sale??
  • Nova Scotia power

    I am so sick of people calling and bitching about loss of power. Like we have any fucking control over it. We are reps. Nothing else. You yell about missed holidays like we want to miss ours while we take your calls. Like we want to be at work missing ou
  • Pedestrian Blues

    I recently learned that as of May 2008, it is actually an offence to enter a crosswalk unless the "walk" signal is displayed. Common sense, maybe, not to try to cross the street on a "don't walk" signal. But what if the hand has just started to flash,
  • Thanks Canada

    One of my relatives died in the bombing of Gaza by Israeli, American, and Canadian made weapons.
  • An Open Letter to Grocery Store Slobs.

    Why do you leave your empty Tim Hortons cup on some random shelf? How fucking lazy can you possibly be? Granted, this doesn't affect my life all that much. Unless the item I want is behind that cup and I have to touch it. Who knows where your hands

    I'd just like to send out a big fat FUCK YOU to my couch for bleeding its red dye onto my new macbook. I had to scrub the damn thing all day with a goddamned magic eraser and now it's not all that shiny anymore and still has tinges of pink.You keep rui
  • Streets of Cole Harbour

    This one goes out to the people of Cole Harbour who happen to have homes on bus routes. Even though your homes have driveways, I get that you may have a reason to park your car(s) on the street. What I do not get is why common sense escapes you guys whe
  • No print bitches this week

    So sorry, but logistical breakdowns are making it impossible to put bitches in the print edition this week (due to the holiday, the print version of the paper is coming out tomorrow instead of today). Regular print-wise bitching will resume next week. We
  • Obituary: Originality has tragically died.

    What happened tooriginality in humour? For several years, many people have structured their "jokes" in exactly the same way. I've heard so many similar sounding jokes, thatI can predict the punch linebefore they're even half waythere. They're all abo
  • Do not Call (?)

    So I'm not in the market for a cruise or any of the other inane products telemarketers call for, so a few months ago I submitted my phone number for the "do not call" register. Since then I no longer get calls every afternoon but I am still getting them!
  • better music please

    you know that commercial for q whatever radio station that boasts "we play anything"... maybe they shouldn't.
  • To the moronic twat

    who ploughed a PARKING LOTS two days after the storm was over at 3:30 am in the morning?What the hell do you think your doing? I have to be up at 5 am in the morning so it's bad enough I have to wake up that early, but need you make my life more misera
  • Expectant much?

    To the entitled bartender on New Year's Eve:I don't know what world you live in, but it's not considered good service to demand tips from the patrons. I was about to pull out a twoonie to tip you with, when you snottily told me that it was "customary t
  • LuLu Losers

    To all you people who think you are looking cool wearing head to toe lulu lemon, you look like idiots. If you aren't going to do actual workouts or yoga, why aren't you wearing normal clothes like you should be? Besides, the stuff is over priced anyway.

    I have an EXTRA LARGE bitch today. I fundraised for four hours, walked around in the freezing cold asking for donations, and walked a total of FOUR HOURS. Had only a cup of coffee today. Then, when I finally got home to salvation, the door wouldn't godda
  • Scrooge Award

    For the second year in a row, RCMP Headquarters on Oxford Street gets the Scrooge Award for their disgraceful display of 2 half-lit Christmas trees. When it comes to Xmas Spirit, these Mounties are either half-lit, half wit or just don't give a shit!
  • coat thief

    to whomever stole the black suade-ish with fur on the hood hanging on the fence on vernon st & linden st about a month ago, fuck homeless and had to busk all day for that coat, please return it too me... i love that coat... and im cold and tierd
  • Since it's grocery store bitch week...

    I went to the grocery store on Saturday, and they were out of eggs and bread. Out of eggs and bread! How does a grocery store run out of eggs and bread? This is not the first time this store has been out of something, not by a long stretch. Th

    I wonder what is the point of the city setting a no parking ban ALL winter long. It is stupid for people to pay for parking when it is not snowing but when a damn storm is coming or has arrived why are there not any tow trucks out towing the assholes tha
  • Go Time

    Why can't those computer screen Go Time monitors just loop the bus times? For example, if I'm waiting to see how long the 2 will take, I get maybe 2 seconds before it's off the screen and then it takes forever for me to see the times again. Why can't it
  • What's Happened to soceity

    To all you brainless bimbos. Put down your Dolce & Gabbana and pick up Mark twain. The only thing you have to offer is a fake laugh a fake face and fake one night stands. Have some respect for yourself and stop living like you are in highschool nobody ca
  • Dear Office Idjit:

    If the person responsible for ordering items vital to your job specifically gives you a deadline to notify him/her that you require said items, you should probably order them BEFORE this deadline instead of, say, three days later.Did it ever occur to yo
  • My Job.

    I am sorry. I bring this job home to you. It is too late; I deserve this. I did not mean to hurt you. You deserve more.
  • Cunard Centre NYE Party Disaster

    Z103.5 will no longer be played on my radio (it wasn't played much prior to this anyway). Understandable that things didn't work out perfectly as planned, not everthing usually does. However, NOTHING worked out AT ALL! You cant hide behind the blizzard
  • A Hard Days Work

    To all of the low life, welfare toting, child tax grabbing, dredges of society: why don't you get a fucking job already? As I waited for my "happy meal" today I was struck by the diversity of the people behind the counter- old, young, black, white, pink,
  • Learn the law...PLEASE

    Ok, I know that this has been mentioned before. But nothing makes me crazier than waiting downtown on Hollis or Morris to turn left. PLEASE everyone, the law in Nova Scotia CLEARLY states that if you are on a one way street and waiting to turn left (and
  • Bitch rules

    What part of "no specific names" do you folks not understand? The "no"? The "specific"? Or the "names"? Are you idiots? Stupid? Illiterate? What? I just don't get it
  • Fuck money

    I'm sick of it, and no I'm not going to give you any. I fucking hate having money, I hate needing to have money, I hate that money even exists. God damn all the shit does is complicate everything. Fuck it, Karl Marx had it right.
  • ball of confusion

    If I had a dog, I could put my dog in daycare NO Problem. But I have a BABY. Well. Waiting list for you. And That’s IF you can find a place that takes kids younger than 18 months. Wait a second, just how long is maternity leave anyway? 52 weeks.
  • NYE with Z103.5 RIP OFF

    The New Years Eve party at the Canard Centre was terriable. For VIP tickets it cost $100 being guarenteed that we would be entered in to win prizes and have 5 drink tickets. Well upon arriving they gave us our bracelette without getting us to fill out
  • Wow.

    Or maybe not. I've been a resident of NS for 15 years and by God people here get dumber and less educated by the minute.The posts are complete proof.Specially that wifi post (Starbucks wifi sucks), that's just funny. There's so much intelligence that
  • Linty Mcgee

    Dearest neighbour,Thank you for cleaning out the lint trap in our building's dryer. It's great that you go that extra mile, really it is. What i don't understand though, is why whenever you do empty out the lint trap, you leave your massive ball of lint
  • Peter Duffy Fucked in the Ass by a Ghost

    I only just found out about this. Back when print media was restricted to where it was printed it wouldn't be a big deal. But with facebook and online papers anybody can read about how lame we are. Fuck.
  • It is fucking cold out here where do the poor people go

    Do you think you would exist and our country would exist without the fur trade and without our aboriginals and the unfair trade practices of our white forbereres. The honour of existase in our CANADIAN climate is do to our aboriginals our overtaking
  • 7 Pounds

    To the indviduals who kicked the back of my theatre seat during the movie 7 Pounds. I think I should apologize first for you witnessing the pointing and teasing I gave to my teary faced partner during those "like clockwork" sad scenes. This sort of teasi
  • Pierre Maguire Is A " Monster " Fucking Idiot!

    I never see sports bitches on here but I will now break the trend. Pierre Maguire of a certain sports network has got to be the most irrelevant, incompetant, ignorant and anything else that ends in "ant" that is on TV. Time for some new fuckin' catch wor
  • Its been a long time comming.

    You have one week.No more cleaning your dirty dishes that have been in the sink for days. No more cleaning your spit out of the sink in the bathroom or having to go into your room to get my make-up back that you stole from me. No more listening to you p
  • Yeah, Okay Little Boy.

    Okay, so the holidays sucked. Although, I'm sure I'm not the only person who can say that. I can get over the fact that my Christmas was a really shitty time, but my New Years was much worse.Not only did you leave me to wait for you in a fucking blizzar
  • 5-Ton Truck, North Park St, Dec 22

    To the 5 ton truck who hit and ran my car on North Park street at 1:40 PM on Dec 22, you're an asshole. After swerving into our lane and sideswiping us with your massive drill of a hubcap, you continued on your merry way. luckily, I chased you down the i
  • Hospitals

    Why is it doctors and hospital can lie, cover up, commit fraud in your records, knowingly deceive your family as to what is really wrong with you.Intentionally withhold all information and test results to help in the deception and get away with it.This t
  • Superstore Doucher

    To the huge doucher who works at the Superstore, You are the biggest douch in all of douch history you even beat Andy Dick at douching. P.S. It's so big... douch
  • Fuck university

    Why'd I even bother going to school and getting two degrees? All it got me was a HUGE student loan and no job. And I even did fucking co op! I've applied in ontario, alberta along with here for countless jobs and nothing. And if I hear one more fucktar
  • coalition

    To those that say that a merged government is undemocratic, look at how the vote turned out.Harper has a minority, so despite what you think, it means he's not wanted in power.
  • Breakfast

    If you went out for breakfast in that snow storm....fuck you!!
  • Welcome to the 21st century Holocaust

    The original: commited by Nazi's against Jews.The repeat: Committed by the Jews against Palestinians, yet the whole world sits and watches.They say they were burnt to death in ovens. Israel is now using more sophisticated methods than oven, leading to
  • ATM Use Fee

    withdrawing cash from an ATM machine that belongs to a bank other your own bank costs $1.5. Reviewing my monthly bank statement, I noticed that the Bank took an extra $1.5 (i.e., the total cost of using an ATM is $3). That is total rip off!

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  • The Year of Doom
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  • The Year of Doom

    2008 started with one shocking death --- and ended with another, when Peter Roberts from Gus' Pub died December 29. In between, 2008 had some good, plenty of bad, and a whole lot of ugly.
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