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Let’s get sauced

Sample the spectrum of wing sauce options with this pungent palette for your palate.

Let’s get sauced
lenny mullins

1. Caribbean Jerk
St Louis Wings Bar & Grill
547 Portland Street

Thyme is on your side big time with this dark and herb-rich dipper. Tastes like an overdue (and slightly inauthentic) trip to Jamaica.

2. Double Ugly
Wing ’N It, 4 Forest Hills Parkway
If only all taste-tests of this creamy sucker could be blind because as its name insinuates, this sauce looks terrible. It’s a strange ranch-dill-honey garlic combo that starts on a pickley note but leaves a lingering sweetness.

3. Honey Awesome
Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar
5640 Spring Garden Road
7071 Bayers Road
1717 Bedford Highway
Half-honey mustard, half-honey garlic, 100 percent perfect for any fan of the yellow stuff.

4. Mango Sweet & Sour
Durty Nelly’s Authentic Irish Pub 1645 Argyle Street
Kind of like a little tub of dessert, this thick, very mango-y sauce nails the sweet, forgets the sour.

5. Sriracha Honey Butter
Halifax Alehouse, 1717 Brunswick Street
Everybody’s favourite rooster tamed with a sweet finish and silky texture. It still packs a punch but goes down like, well, butta.

6. Habanero Lime Dry Rub
HFX Sports Bar & Grill, 1721 Brunswick Street
Tongue is quite possibly still numb from this Wingman-recommended, wholly habanero experience. It’s the up-your-nose, singe-your-tastebuds kind of heat that hurts so good if you like spice.

7. Amelia Earhart
Wing ’N It, 4 Forest Hills Parkway
A thick and sticky honey garlic and roasted red pepper meld that’s mostly just honey garlic. Amelia deserves more (or any) kick!

8. Cajun Dry Rub
Argyle Bar & Grill
1575 Argyle Street
You’ll get a familiar tingle from this peppery, sticky-finger-free option.

9. Suicide
Lion’s Head Tavern, 3081 Robie Street
There’s a smoky burn going on here, and it’s spicy enough to rejuvenate tastebuds without killing them. Searing and flavourful, this is a classic.

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