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Rudi's Authentic Hot Sauce is fired up

Family-made, handcrafted sauces are our product of the week

The need for heat runs in Rudi Brooks’ family. An admitted addict to spicy foods learned to keep his fridge stocked with hot sauces from his father, Gregthe peppermasterBrooks, a chef and hot sauce aficionado in his own right. The pair teamed up to create their own line of homemade sauces, using unique peppers to create Rudi’s Authentic Hot Sauce in three flavours Sweet Cherry Bomb, Thai Bird Tang and the pictured—and spiciest—Goat Pepper Fire.

With the mission to “let the peppers shine” the Brooks’ sauces will light a fire under your meal, and couldn’t we all use a little warmth right about now? Get your firey fix at Pete’s (1595 Bedford Highway), jane’s next door (2053 Gottingen Street), The Designer Craft Shop (1061 Marginal Road) or online.

Keep those watering eyes peeled for more places to get sauced in the future, follow Rudi's latest here.

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