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Best Donair

Best Donair
ian selig

Gold Winner Tony's Famous Donairs & Pizza

Silver Winner Johnny K's Authentic Donairs

Bronze Winner Alexandra's Pizza

Hall of fame King of Donair, Quinpool Road

“There are so many great options but to be chosen number one is definitely humbling, it shows you you’re doing something right,” says Leo Salloum, whose family has been running Tony’s for over 40 years. The donair has made its way onto many a menu across town thanks to being Halifax’s official food, but Salloum says the Halifamous wrap—much like eating a smoked meat sandwich in Montreal—is just as much about the experience as the taste. And Tony’s can offer just that. “The traditional donair is the original donair. You can spin it off like any other type of food out there, but if you really want the experience you have to try the original one, peeling that foil off and getting that messy experience.”

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