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Best Donair

Tony's Famous Donairs & Pizza

Best Donair
Ian Selig

Gold Winner Tony's Donair & Pizza

Silver Winner Mezza Lebanese Kitchen, Barrington Street

Bronze Winner Johnny K's Authentic Donairs

Hall of Fame King of Donair, Quinpool Road

After over 40 years in business it’s no surprise Tony’s has its donair recipe dialled. The popular family restaurant is known for its takeout business: hot pizzas, poutines and, of course, its take on Halifax’s official food. “It’s a family recipe and we’ve kept it close to us and close to our hearts over the years,” says Leo Salloum. “We really believe in quality and we’ve kept that consistent over the years.” That's why, he says, they're still feeding regulars from decades ago and introducing the dish to the next generation. “I always say, having a donair is like having your first kiss—you’ll never forget it. And if it’s a Tony’s donair, you’ll definitely be coming back.”

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