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Best of Halifax

Best Donair

Tony’s Pizza, 2390 Robie, 422-4833

The local delicacy (the donair was born in Bedford in the early 1970s) is big with Coast readers: Best Donair is one of the leader categories for votes cast. Tony’s—now sporting fresh renovations—looks out over the Halifax Common from the corner of Cunard Street, but there’s nothing common about their great donairs. “We’ve been making them for over 25 years here,” says Leo Salloum, “and it’s still the same family.”

2nd: Robert’s Pizza and Donair, 364 Windmill, 463-8444

3rd: King of Donairs, 1580 Grafton, 422-0000

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Police reports say it probably wasn’t a local who laced the clam chowder with PCP on the set of Titanic. Whodunit?