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w/The Group Sound, Cold Warps, Black Lips

Saturday, October 20 at Olympic Community Hall, 2304 Hunter Street, 8pm, $25

Technology is a bitch, and no one knows that better than Monomyth. Their new tape, a hotly anticipated cluster of plastic, electromagnetic tape and pop, has hit a minor snag. "The tape is being delayed due to major computer troubles. We are sitting on four hot tracks though, plus a Craft Single, all of which will drip out into the streets and onto the web shortly," says Seamus Dalton.

Computers are the worst. But the soothing sounds of Monomyth on Saturday, opening for Black Lips at the Olympic Centre, are enough to lull you into a Damien's nanny-style trance, so take it in and calm right down. Dalton isn't so sure of their rise to the top of the pop heap in town. "Josh [Salter] needs to wave his genitals on stage more if we want to be in the running for best band in the city," says Dalton. Onstage antics won't go amiss on Saturday, as their bill-mates Black Lips are known for a wild show, like Monomyth, who sound as sweet as angels even as they're waving their genitals about.

"The Black Lips album In Bloom is one of the greatest-sounding records I can think of, especially production-wise, by which I mean it sounds like Crime," says Dalton.

Nothing wrong with wearing influences on your sleeve, though. Happens to the best of us. "We try to rip off our favourite groups, guys, gals when we write. Graeme [Stewart] will say 'Here's our Byrds song'. I'll say 'Here's our Vaselines song.' Josh has an Alex Chilton seance every morning before his cereal, so that accounts for his tunes."

Still Dalton cites humility and hard work, long the cornerstones of any great band, as integral part of making it work. "You have to account for your deficiencies and make up for them. Every chord structure and melody you come up with is half as good as you think it is," says Dalton. "Any lyric you write will be one-tenth as meaningful to anyone else as it will be to you. Cut the fat, less is more, short and sweet, and take your goddamn genitals out onstage to disorient the audience and make them think you are, despite the 6.5/10 songs, a good band."

Monomyth w/The Group Sound, Cold Warps, Black Lips, Saturday, October 20 at Olympic Community Hall, 2304 Hunter Street, 8pm, $25

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