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Forget me not

Local furniture designers meld contemporary design with a blast from the past, by using salvaged, vintage and upcycled materials.

Forget me not
Photo by Ash + Rich

Metal, steel and wood dating back over 100 years get a second life via Lovely Nova's Historic Infusion line. Jessica and Alexander Skinner's furniture design company makes customizable coffee tables, dining tables and kitchen islands that meld Royal Canadian Navy history and rustic style.

This unassuming north end shop keeps the history of Halifax buildings alive via its architectural salvage and dismantling, but also uses those skills (and amazing finds) to produce furniture, like these wide board top side tables, which were desks at Lunenburg Academy in a past life. 2457 Maynard Street

Relove's Suzanne and Steve Anderson are experts in stylish throwbacks. Their line of vintage, refurbished and upcycled furniture gets scooped up fast online, and its no wonder. Pieces like this mid-century modern dresser are carefully chosen for their timeless quality and style, and then revamped using colour or carpentry, bringing them back to life and ready to be loved, again.

Chris Smith makes both pre-designed and custom creations with focus on renewable, durable materials. Simultaneously sleek and sturdy, this desk was made in honour of Jampy's one-year anniversary, using 1940s Douglas Fir, 1960s table legs and a vintage basket.

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