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My favourite room: Maia LaPierre’s TV-free living room

Pretty pastels and edgy details make this space a place to let your mind wander.

My favourite room: Maia LaPierre’s TV-free living room

Up-and-coming interior decorator Maia LaPierre loves spending cozy evenings in front of the fireplace with her husband in their dusty pink living room. Filled with art, books and their record player, the room is missing an essential staple of typical living rooms: There's no television. With the TV squared away in their small den, the living room is the designated conversation space and an ideal spot for reading and listening to music. 

LaPierre made the decision to paint the room pink when her design mentors suggested she play with colour. The bold colour choice (Cinder Rose by Farrow & Ball if you were wondering) was an integral stepping stone as she sought to develop her own design style: "I like things to be a little bit quirky but polished at the same time."

The room

"I feel excited about the future when I'm in this room. We recently moved our sofa to face the fireplace so that it feels a bit more intimate and it made the room feel smaller which we actually really like! I also chose a colour that I really liked from the beginning so it wasn't something I felt was too trendy. It's a colour I like all the time so it has some longevity to it. It's just a nice place to hang out and appreciate life."

The inspiration

"There's a piece of wrapping paper that I bought at DeSerres, so it was like five dollars, of a human brain and there are lots of different colours in it that I gravitate to. That print has been a big starting point for pulling things together to get things started in this room. I like pastels that are a little bit deeper or mixing pastels with murkier neutrals to make it feel a bit more grown-up. I wouldn't describe myself as overly girly so I'll usually contrast pastels with something edgier or darker."

The details

"I feel like there's so much stuff in this room that makes me feel at home. I've added a lot of things that let my mind wander and I like having a space without a TV. The gallery wall makes me very happy because almost everything on it has meaning behind it. Each piece makes me so happy when everything is together. I also have this coffee table that was a lobster trap that used to belong to my grandfather and I never met him. It's really special to me because it's his and it was in his office and then the home they had in Chester. I'm grateful because there are so many pieces in here that have sentimental value."

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