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  • Mar 17-23, 2016
  • Vol. 23, No. 42

How can we trust Halifax city hall if we don't know who's whispering in its ear? This week's cover feature by city editor Jacob Boon looks into whether HRM should follow the lead of other Canadian cities and set up a municipal lobbyist registry. Plus, a Q&A with premier Stephen McNeil, band practice with Three Sheet and the cycle of life at Oulton's Meat Store.

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  • Kinky problems
  • Savage Love
  • Kinky problems

    I’m in between boyfriends—how do I navigate finding anonymous kinky partners who don’t hate women? Plus: On safe words.
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  • In the  market
  • Homes Halifax
  • In the market

    The average sale price for a home in Halifax in 2015 was $278,000. We ran the real estate gamut to give you a glimpse of what that kind of budget can get you.
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