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Best Tattoo Artist

Heirloom Tattoo

Best Tattoo Artist

Gold Winner Rebecca O'Quinn, Heirloom Tattoo

Silver Winner Helena Darling, Darling Tattoos

Bronze Winner Amber Thorpe, Adept Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio

It’s been four years since Rebecca O’Quinn went out on her own and opened Heirloom Tattoo. Clearly, Halifax loves her style—this is O’Quinn’s third year topping the podium. “It’s such an honour,” says O’Quinn. “I just kind of come in and do my thing everyday, and just want to make cool tattoos.” There’s a sense of surprise in her voice, and it’s because she thinks art is totally subjective. “Everyone has their own preferences of what makes a good tattoo and what makes good art,” she says. “I feel like everyone is a gold winner, as cheesy as that sounds.”

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