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Best Tattoo Artist

Andy Ferrier

Ferrier may also be the busiest tattoo artist in the city, which makes a lot of sense, given his winning this category again. People know him and come from far and wide (Montreal, Toronto) to feel his ink. “He’s super busy right now,” says body-piercing technician Christine Landry, covering for Ferrier while he’s inking a customer. She explains where Ferrier’s passions lie: “He loves Japanese style and old school, sailor stuff, ships and boast and daggers and roses.” But when it comes down to it, being versatile is why he tops this list, “giving the client what they want,” says Landry. Utility Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio, 5224 Blowers, 420-1348

First runner up: Danny Bartlett, Kara's Urban Day Spa, 5980 Spring Garden, 422-3900

Second Runner Up: Scott Forbes, Oceanic Art, 121 Portland Street, Dartmouth, 466-8828

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