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Lenny Mullins

Gold Winner Helena Darling, Darling Tattoos

Silver Winner Rebecca O'Quinn, Heirloom Tattoo

Bronze Winner Amber Thorpe, Adept Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio

For every Diply listicle of bad tattoo photos, there are hundreds of tattoo artists who weep at the mere sight of poorly done body art. A surefire way to avoid any tattoo ragerts is to choose someone who knows what they’re doing, who respects the art and exudes professionalism and experience. The gold, silver and bronze winning artists here personify these qualities. Helena Darling of Darling Tattoos takes the top medal, with clients raving over her skills and the atmosphere of the shop. If you’re looking for a cool picture you’ll have on your body until you’re dead, these artists won’t steer you wrong.
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