Best Trivia Night 2018 | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Trivia Night

Gold Winner The Board Room Game Cafe

Silver Winner The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

Bronze Winner T-Room

Thank you Board Room, for acknowledging all types of genius and reassuring those who spent a little too much time absorbing random facts in front of a glowing screen that it wasn’t all for naught. For the third year in a row, your friendly downtown board game cafe scores the top spot in the trivia challenge for its celebrations of pop culture. Monthly, sold-out quiz nights zoning in on themes like Harry Potter, The Office, Jurassic Park and rom-coms challenge the dark and dusty corners of players’ brains with big, earth shattering questions—like, what was the mascot at Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow High?—that we all deserve the answers to.

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