Best Trivia Night 2011 | T-Room | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Trivia Night


Gold Winner The T-Room

Silver Winner Rogue’s Roost Brew Pub

Bronze Winner Rockbottom Brewpub

As much as we’d like to think winning Best Trivia Night three years in a row is scrapbook-worthy, it’ll never top the stunt Stan Selig and Thomas Craig pulled last spring. The award-winning pair got Ken Jennings (yes, that *Jeopardy!* genius) to answer a round of of questions, so that their regular following could compete against him. Selig says it was the highlight of his trivia career. Ah well, we tried. The crowd keeps growing, the jokes about Selig’s mom keep flowing (“That’s why my mom will never come”) and somehow the questions are still fresh. Ken Jennings has played, you probably should too.
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