Best New Bar 2018 | Antojo Tacos + Tequila | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best New Bar

Antojo Tacos + Tequila

Gold Winner Antojo Tacos + Tequila

Silver Winner The Watch That Ends the Night

Bronze Winner Bar Kismet

“When we opened our door there was a lineup outside waiting for us. Expectations were high,” says Antojo’s manager Abhi Bawa of the first year at the instantly popular Argyle Street spot. “The team puts a lot of effort into surpassing that expectation.” For guests chowing down on a tuna tostada or sipping on a smoky Antojo margarita, Bawa says the aim of the staff is to connect—the culinary quality of the drinks and personal experience will keep them coming back  (in droves, apparently). “We didn’t expect we’d be this busy, even in the month of January, February, March, April. Now, when people ask where I work and I say Antojo they say ‘Oh, do you have tables open now?’”

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