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Gold Winner Stillwell Beergarden

Silver Winner Gahan House

Bronze Winner Lot Six

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Lenny Mullins
Best of Halifax 2015, Best New Bar, Stillwell Beergarden

Long live the Stillwell Beergarden! Summer 2015 was made all the better by the arrival of the innovative new waterfront drinkery—basically an outdoor location for Best Bar, Stillwell, which doesn’t get much summer sun in its Barrington Street location. “It was a very experimental pilot project for us. It’s just a patio for us, a place to do stuff outside,” says Chris Reynolds. “It was a great opportunity for us to have more taps, and work with many new brewers and have a little more capacity. It allowed us to carry more local stuff that we don’t normally get to order.” Whether Stillwell’s red shipping container full of beer, cider and sausage will return on the waterfront is still a question mark, but Reynolds assures, “if it doesn’t happen there we’ll find a place to make it happen.”

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