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Best of Halifax

Best New Bar

Lake City Cider

Gold Winner Lake City Cider

Silver Winner New Scotland Brewing Co.

Bronze Winner Propeller Arcade

Lake City Cider’s owner Poet Comeau was pleasantly surprised that her Dartmouth standout was nominated as the city’s Best New Bar, and she’s super stoked that it’s taking home the gold. “We didn’t really intend to be a bar, but it’s been really great to be a really nice meeting place. We have really great customers and we’ve kind of watched that side of it unfold,” she says of the retail shop, tasting room and bar, which opened in the summer of 2018. Because it serves Lake City products and only Lake City products, Comeau says that patrons have the opportunity to get to know their drink a little bit better. “We get to focus on this thing called cider and we get to talk about these really cool features of Nova Scotia and support local growers.”

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