Best Barista 2016 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Barista

Gold Winner Jeremy Waterman, Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe

Silver Winner Danielle Archer, The Nook on Gottingen

Bronze Winner Laura Arsenault, Java Blend Coffee Roasters

Mere months ago, Jeremy Waterman was hired as lead barista at Dilly Dally Cafe to help get the new coffee shop up and running. After about six years in the industry, Waterman’s pretty bean -savvy. The key to coffee success is knowing all about quality, without being pretentious. “I love educating people about coffee,” he says. “It’s like wine or beer, or anything like that.” A huge fan of sharing his passion, Waterman can get on a roll easily: “I always ask people, ‘Are you sure you want to listen to this? It could be awhile.’”

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