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Best of Halifax

Best Barista

Gold Winner Laura Arsenault, Java Blend Coffee Roasters

Silver Winner Dan Weir, Weird Harbour Espresso Bar

Bronze Winner Federico Pasquinelli, Espresso 46

Is it just us, or does it seem like Halifax has a disproportionate number of truly wonderful coffee shops? And because of that, also a disproportionate number of truly wonderful baristas? This (extra) hotly-contested category has a triple shot of our city’s most amazing coffee slingers, with Java Blend’s own Laura Arsenault taking the gold spot. Friendly, knowledgeable and skilled, a great barista makes an ordinary morning, afternoon or evening (for those who like to live on the edge and drink caffeine after 4pm) something to write home about. Here’s us raising a steaming cup to Halifax’s best baristas. 

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