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Best Barista

Erin Hicks (Ouro Preto)

Erin Hicks has been working at Ouro Preto since it opened in August 2007, and isn’t just as a barista, she also manages the front part of the establishment, the café. “My specialty is the mocha. I’m really proud of our mochaccino,” she says on the phone from the cafe, while her chef laughs and makes fun of her somewhere in the background. When asked what it is that makes Ouro Preto clientele so fond of her work and style, Hicks is unabashed. “I love all my customers.” Ouro Pretp, 5743 University, 405-4726

First runner up: Annette Mumford, Carlitos Cafe,

Second runner up: Geoffrey Creighton, Smiling Goat Organic Espresso Bar

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