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Best of Halifax

DJ IV has got a lifeline on your heart for best DJ category, winning gold for the third year running. DJ IV not only spins his way into number one standing, he uses his success as a DJ to help other local artists that he believes in, putting out records on his IV League imprint from musicians like Jay Mayne, Al Boogie and Quake. Talk about a heart of gold. “We’ve been getting ready to release a lot of work in 2013 between myself, the long awaited Universal Soul sophomore album, Miracle’s debut album,” says DJ IV (AKA Brian Pelrine). “There’s lots of original material coming!” Although touring keeps DJ IV busy, home is where the heart is. “To the fans: You’ve continued to support me year after year,” says IV. “I cannot thank you enough. Halifax, you are my rock, my headquarters, my home---that will never change.”

Gold Winner DJ IV

Silver Winner KDZ

Bronze Winner Pineo

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