Best DJ 2017 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best DJ

Gold Winner DJ IV

Silver Winner Pineo & Loeb

Bronze Winner DJ Fadzwa

“Two thousand seventeen has been absolutely crazy busy for me, zero complaints,” enthuses your longtime Best DJ, IV, AKA Brian Pelrine. “I can already see 2018 being even busier than 2017 has been!” IV is never not spinning—including at this year’s Best of Halifax bash—and when he’s not at his weekly spot, Reflections (Thursdays), he’s on tour with Classified. “I just want to thank all the friends that have said ‘don’t forget the little people’ over the years, because those people really don’t understand how much they meant to someone like me,” says Pelrine. “When they’re supporting during the struggling times of trying to break through as a means the world. Thanks so much Coast readers, always blessed and thankful to have your support.”

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