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Skratch Bastid

Paul Murphy had a huge year. He won the influential Scribble Jam DJ competition in Cincinnati, he placed fourth in Canada in the DMC Championships, toured North America and released his third mix album, Better Ask Somebody. Unfortunately, every peak has a valley, but the Bastid made the best of a bad situation. “A low point was thinking I did better at the Canadian DMCs,” Murphy says. “But in response to that, I got as drunk as a Haligonian possibly could, took off my shirt and ran around the hotel with my mullet wig on.” It’s Murphy’s in-depth musical knowledge and pure talent with the turntables that brings the crowds back every week and converts new fans wherever he goes. “If you can please both the enthusiasts and the casual listeners, then you got it made,” he says. “It feels good to know that I’m doing my job right—pleasing the people. Thank you, people.”

Runner-up: Buck 65

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