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Best Public Space

Halifax Public Gardens

Though we must admit the tourism-driven-we-love-the-past culture that sometimes pervades this town gets on our nerves, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this exquisite green space, preserved since the 1830s, maintaining a certain Victorian beauty for all to enjoy. The flowers, statuary and perfectly manicured lawns just make us want to get our breeches on, get our rifles, mount up and do some shooting. Or read some sonnets. Since that isn’t likely, we’ll just lounge here in this place of peace in the centre of the city. Well, in the summer months, anyway. The gardens’ treasures are hidden behind wrought iron gates for half the year, so you’ll have to find your peace, and florid dreams of the 19th Century, elsewhere in February.

1st Runner-up: Point Pleasant Park

2nd Runner-up: Halifax Common

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