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Best of Halifax

Best Public Space

Halifax waterfront

Gold Winner Halifax waterfront

Silver Winner Halifax Public Gardens

Bronze Winner Halifax Central Library

Ten reasons why Halifax’s waterfront is the best: 1. It’s only a 25- or 30-minute walk from anywhere on the peninsula. 2. Ice cream at both ends. 3. You can smell it from Brunswick Street if the wind blows in the right direction. 4. It can entertain out-of-town guests for a whole half-day if needed. 5. The doggos. 6. Free live music. 7. Hammocks with a view. 8. Patio beers. 9. Watching the ferries to Dartmouth hurry by. 10. Saturday strolls that start at the Seaport Farmers’ Market and wander up to a good seaside sit-and-think.
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