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Julia and Maria host monthly-ish trivia, Friday night at the T-Room.
Julia and Maria host monthly-ish trivia, Friday night at the T-Room.

Now’s the time to try out Halifax’s trivia scene

With a different quiz night every day of the week, It’s the sort of low-stakes, old-fashioned fun you’ve been starved of during COVID.

If we’re listing unexpected things from The Before Times that we miss, a live, in-person trivia night is one I wasn’t expecting to log, somewhere in between the feeling of anticipation I’ve rediscovered while waiting in line for coffee and the rusty return of small talk to my life. The ambient sounds of crowded tables, clanking beer glasses and pencils scratching down answers feels like offline ASMR—and it’s just the sort of low-stakes, old-fashioned fun that is in short supply during the age of COVID-19.

Lucky for anyone feeling similarly, Halifax’s vibrant nightlife (we’re forever contesting with St. John’s, Newfoundland, over which of us has the most bars per capita) means that trivia nights are a Sure Thing every night of the workweek. Here’s a few worth trying with your pandemic pod.

Monday at Durty Nelly’s

Monday night’s reward for surviving the start of the working week comes courtesy of trivia night at Durty Nelly’s. The 1645 Argyle Street outpost has been hosting trivia at the top of the week for decades and attendees attest to the mixed-bag of questions on offer. The free fun kicks off at 7pm.

Tuesday at Parkside Pub

The HRM Trivia Lovers Facebook page is a 3,300-strong group of random knowledge nerds, and it lights up every week when someone posts about Trivia Tuesday at Dartmouth’s Parkside Pub & Smokehouse (14 Highfield Park Drive). A sprinkling of current event questions in the mix are part of the appeal—along with the ample prizes on offer. It starts at 7pm.

Wednesday at Gus’

Gus’ Pub (2605 Agricola Street) has long held claim to Wednesday nights in terms of trivia. All March long, the live music mainstay/taco joint/tiny casino is doing decade-themed trivia, with an early 2000s night kicking off March 16, followed by a focus from the 2010s to now on March 23. Wednesday Whizz Quiz—the organizer behind the evening—takes its themes to the max, and the fun runs from 8-10pm.

Thursday at the Lion’s Head

Come Thursday night, the trivia head in your life knows the spot to be is Lion’s Head Tavern. The 3085 Robie Street spot is as much for the vibes as anything else, but that isn’t a dig: The event—which kicks off at 7pm—is so popular that Lion’s Head specifically states on its website that it doesn’t allow reservations during trivia time.

Friday at the T-Room

The T-Room on Dalhousie University's Sexton Campus (1360 Barrington Street) has won just about all the accolades possible for its Friday trivia nights: Multiple Best of Halifax Readers’ Choice Awards and even a visit from Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings. While it’s no longer a steady weekly event, it still happens roughly once a month with hosts Julia and Maria—and is resolutely worth making your calendar for. Keep an eye on the T-Room’s Instagram page for details of upcoming events.

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