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Metamorphic Theatre's Script to Stage Project introduces promising playwright Caitlin Pilsworth (daughter of Coast illustrator, Graham). According to Pilsworth, who wrote the script in hopes that it would be selected by Metamorphic, says that Living My Life in Circles is "a story about the complications of basic relationships. It is about Van seeking attention from an eccentric mother who barely acknowledges her due to her mother's attempts at sustaining the attentions of the strange men she invites to live in their home. Van, the daughter, then gains the much-desired 'mother/daughter' relationship from her religious aunt, who takes her out of her neglected home for some much-needed care. It is about unfulfilled desires and the need to be wanted and loved. The character of Van fights her nature by trying to gain nurture from unlikely people like her aunt or her mother's second husband, Ed. The story is told completely through Van's perspective and she tell the stories of her family through one-person narration.

" As part of the project, the script was given a workout with a theatre community read-through. "The play really has not changed much since the first draft," says Pilsworth. "I had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted the story to be. The workshopping process was really good at showing me what I needed to build on, what needed to be clearer and of course hearing the play read out loud altered some of the content naturally, which was quite enjoyable to watch and to hear. The benefit of workshopping a play is the chance to change things once you have heard a cold read. Nothing is written in stone, so the process is more flexible. And of course hearing feedback is always a very enlightening experience.

"Pilsworth isn't a stranger to the boards---she's a Dal theatre studies grad, who co-stage-managed Metamorphic's Goodnight Desdemona, (Good Morning Juliet), assistant directed 2B Theatre's Soul Alone at Neptune Theatre two years ago and co-wrote and directed Cagedfor the 2006 Atlantic Fringe Festival. But she's still anxiously awaiting opening night: "I am mixed with feeling nervousness and excitement. I will try very hard not to pass out but I make no promises."

Living My Life in Circlesdebuts at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen), May 1 to 3, at 8pm, with a 4pm matinee on Saturday. Directed by Leana Todd, assistant directed by Samantha Madorewith choreography by Susie Keating, the play stars Sher Clain, Andre Davey, Steven Heisler, Lisa MacCormack, Allison MacDougall and Eugene Sampang. Tickets are $10 at the door or can be reserved by calling 429-8742.

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