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  • May 1-7, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 49

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  • Risky ride
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  • Risky ride

    Darryl Whetter's new novel The Push and the Pull takes place on two wheels.

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Love the way we bitch

  • The Halifax Cut

    What's with Halifax drivers pulling out onto the road when clearly I, or another driver I'm observing, is way too close for you to do so? The Halifax Cut. They love it. And god forbid they should make eye contact or wave, acknowledging they cut your off,
  • Scooters are Nor Motorcycles...

    I decide that since gas prices just keep going up and up and up that its wasteful for me to drive my car which is designed for five people to and from work every day with just me in it (even though it is one of the most fuel effecient non-hybrid cars ava
  • Truth Be Told

    I thought I'd read every petty bitch, but Cranky's "Truthless Story?" about Mike Holme's True Stories was a new one on me. While Cranky's pedantic litany of facts (the exact time of sunset? come on!) about the Swiss Air tragedy is "interesting," the com
  • People in Halifax are nice

    So stop bitching! People here actually smile at and hold doors for you (normal people, and not in the creepy sorta way), cars stop not only to let you cross in a crosswalk, but to jaywalk, and saying 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' are not entirely for
  • Cranky Cabbies

    On several occasions in the last year or so, I have had to take a cab somewhere. Since I have a bus pass, most often I have to call a taxi when I am running a little late, but it's never planned. Therefore, I usually don't have any cash on me, and I alwa

    women out there. . never never ever ever ever buy your husband a ps3 and the new GTA 4 game for their birthday.. ... UGH!!! hes been non stop for hours!!
  • Beer and Bethoven

    To the bitch at Beer and Bethoven on Sat. night. Both my husband and I saw how you were checking out my leg tattoo and my dress. That wasn't the problem, untill we were forced to sit at your table, however, you would not shut the fuck up!!! Who the he

    The kiosk in Scotia Square who started laughing and making fun of the "slightly" overweight customer who came to your booth to inquire about supplements and vitimins...You were so nice to her face BUT the minute she walked away you started making fun o
  • Government Cheese

    I would like to say, and this is going out on a limb, fuck you government and your fucked up student employment application process. Usually when you apply for a job you get a phone call not an e-mail asking the question, "Are you sure you want to apply
  • Seriously.

    What kind of "respectable" woman sleeps with a married man?? I don't get it. Are you fucking whores looking for that much attention? And why do you act SURPRISED when I confront you??"OMG! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU'D REACT LIKE THIS. I DIDN'T THINK YOU WOULD
  • Dark Side of the Moon

    To however stole or found my Dark Side of the Moon bag: GIVE IT BACK. Aside from the wickedness that is the bag itself, it contains all the things I need to live. If I see this bag on someone's shoulder, I'm opening a can.
  • give us some respect

    I work in a call centre (not one of the big ones), and here are some of my grievances. 1. People who start the conversation by demanding to know my name. Hey, you’re calling me. Why not start by giving me your name, and telling me why you’re calling? I
  • Pet Peeved ( yes another bitch about driving )

    For the love of god people. I know people love their pets and all ( I am a dog lover myself ), but if I see one more person trying to awkwardly negotiate a turn doing the two handed shuffle while their dog is sitting on their lap/jumping around/trying to
  • Stop Bumming Cigarettes From Me

    Strangers, especially teenagers,quit asking me for an "extracigarette". Packs don't comewith an "extra cigarette."Teenagers: There is a thing called a reseme. Write one up,give copies to people hiringnew employees, get a job, make money and buy yo
  • Hold the Door!

    To all you people whose time is sooo valuable that you can't hold the elevator door for 2 or 3 seconds, and who pretend not to see the person hurrying for the elevator while the door slides shut: I hope you hit every red light on the way home. Twice.
  • Crosswalks

    Nothing is more frustrating than beeing nice enough to let someone cross the road and they walk so friggin slow that they almost fall asleep......if pedestrians respected motorirst, Maybee motorists would return the favour !!!
  • Excuse you.

    I don't have a problem with my co-workers speaking in different languages around me. It's rude, yes. But i really don't want any part of your conversation, so i'm glad to remain clueless as to what you're conversing about. What i do have a problem with,
  • Stupid Bus Drivers...

    The the Lame Ass Bitch driving the 9 Barrington Thursday Night around 10:30pm. HELLO, There is a FUCKING bus stop above Jenny's Place on Lady Hammond Rd. Thanks for whizzing by me, even though I was waving like crazy for you to slow down and stop. Thanks
  • No Dicks About It

    For the guys in my class who go on and on AND ON about they’re package while I’m trying to work: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t give a shit how big your dick is. Yes it’s big, I bet you’re really proud, but you don’t have to keep saying it over and over again
  • Where's The Coast?

    I recently started taking the bus again to Bayer's Lake - transfer at Lacewood - and to my dismay the only "paper" box is the pitiful excuse for a "newspaper" the Metro!!! Where's The Coast?????

    FUCK GAS PRICES!FUCK THE ECONOMY!FUCK (C)RAP MUSIC!All I want is some really HUGE HOOTERS, and one hour with Christofer Walken...(don't ask....)
  • Awesome Bus Experience

    To the drunk, dirty guy who started with me and my friend on the #80 tonight- you are a vile, disgusting piece of shit. To accuse my friend of hurting my son and his daughter on the bus because he was tickling them? Fuck you. I'M the mother, and for y
  • Dear Metro transit.....

    you could help improve your service with two simple additions....1) you have these new fancy money taking devices that many other cities have. It is amazing that people can still toss in a handful a coins and claim it is $2 since you haven't actually u
  • Insane cashier gripes

    I'm an exceptionally helpful, polite cashier to people who treat me kindly, and with respect. This means...1) Greet me when I greet you. Turn off your iPod, and hang up your phone call. Look me in the eye and ask me how I'm doing when I do the same to
  • Suckway, Eat Shit!

    To a certain internationally renown submarine sandwich franchise on the corner of Robie and Spring Garden: your employees fucking suck ass. Here are some guidelines to improve your customer service to the quality rightfully deserved by the public.1. Tea
  • apartment

    apartment in Halifax are too expensive.
  • Please...

    Dear woman who sneezed or coughed really loudly behind me on the bus the other day and scared me half to death, warn me before you do that again.
  • To the Creepers!!!

    For all you creepy clingy bastards out there who have nothing better to do than hang out with mall employees ALL FUCKING DAY. My niceness only goes so far. At 1st I felt bad for you, and I'm generally a nice guy, however, when some wacked out creepy fuck
  • High Food Prices

    Upset about the rising cost of food? Here are some things we do that directly impact the prices:- leave behind perishable foods all over the store (pork in the soap aisle, fresh peaches in the freezer). These products get thrown out!Nobody tries to g
  • Free Metro??

    ok, so i understand when the metro free newspaper came to be, they were wanting to promote it, whatever. that was a while ago, no? why are they still out there?? i really dont like being bombarded every morning on my way to work if i want one of these.
  • Do cyclists get immunity?

    I used to have some respect for cyclists, being environmentally friendly and healthy, but It's over, I have to draw the line...don't come into my favorite cafe with your saggy old man balls bulging out of your spandex, dripping sweat onto the counter, ha
  • trespassing

    Between North street and Cunard/Chebucto on Windsor,Cars races to get to the next red light.At the pedestrian Crosswalk at Charles,Any, by average will look at three carsBefore one Stop, let you walk across.On any given day one can witnessCar
  • I did it/do it on my own- recovery

    Who needs a certain recovery group that is nothing more than a thinly veiled cult? A group that teaches us that we are powerless over our addcition(s) and that we must surrender to a higher power lest we should fall into the pit of drinking again? I guit
  • your shitty music

    thank you to the bus driver who told the asshole listening to his sharty techno-crap induced music loud enough to be heard through the entire bus to turn it down. Thank you for telling him a second time when it was still just as loud as the first time, t
  • Car keys are for....

    Would someone please 'splain to this 50 year old woman WHY, people put 1 inch key scratches on my black Honda?? Do I drive too fast, too slow, or are you just jealous that you have no wheels? Geeze Louise...get a life and leave my car the fuck alone!
  • Where is the love?

    What happened to runner's acknowledgement? Every time I come across a fellow runner I'm ready to give a friendly greeting, a wave, smile, head-nod, or any combination thereof. But nearly everytime, the runner just stares ahead or gives me a glare like I'
  • metal sans irony please.

    This bitch goes out to the DJ's of "Hair Nation" a night supposedly for metalheads.Can we get some metal without the stupid wigs and irony please?You asses look llike FUBAR rejects. Can you just play metal because its wicked and not some corny inside j
  • Bi-Hi bitches...

    This is to the two women in the red pick up in the Halifax bound lanes of the Bi-Hi on Saturday night around 6:30 pm. Your truck's liner was in the road. We stopped to let you pick it up. You should have helped your girlfriend instead of standing there
  • Umbrella Thief

    To the bastard who stole my umbrella on the ferry this morning. I forgot it for a minute. When I realized and raced back it was gone. What?! You couldn't have given to to the terminal personnal? I hope karma shoves that umbrella up your ass and opens it!
  • Dear God

    Dear God, you suck at weather. It's just funny, I mean, I thought you were all perfect and stuff. Just a thought.
  • Scooter Licenses

    Why is it that Nova Scotia requires a special, motorcycle license to drive a small, low-powered scooter such as a vespa. With the price of gas being as freaking crazy as it is, I decided to be as practically reasonable (and I thoguht progressive) by dec
  • solos

    Just when I thought this part of the world was catching on to green living, I was taking the 52 Bayers lake, looking out the window, and I was shocked to see that at LEAST 9 out of 20 cars with 4 or more seats in it, had only one person in it! Wasteful.
  • q104 commerical

    Attention Q104: Your television commericial sucks! All those talented designers and animators out there and you have to pick the one guy who can only draw stick people? Halifax is more artsy than that!
  • Just go away!!

    To the girl who used to work with my BF and who just will not go away. Is it really that hard to get a new life and let go of your old one? Why do you still insist on being involved in everything he does?? It's about time you move on and get over it. Get
  • Mooooooo

    Ok I am so fucking sick of people chewing their gum like a fucking cow CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!!!! do u think that anyone wants to hear you go at that peice of gum like a fucking cow eating grass its grossss!!!!!!!!!!!! it drives me insane, all the smacking and
  • woodstove abuser

    I believe one has the right to heat their homes as they see fit especially in these 'trying' times. What really pisses me off, actually chokes me, is when one burns inappropriate material in their woodstove. You have no right nor reason to burn anythin
  • hey

    fuck you, boyfriend.
  • PRIVATE school.

    to the inconsiderate assholes on the bus:yes, im wearing a kilt.yes, that means i got to a private school.yes, i had school today.but no, i don't need to hear your all-too-obvious whisperings about the above. i go to a private school because my pare
  • Letter Directly to the editors...

    Please stop trying to make everything look like a scandal . City Hall was given tickets to distribute in the ridings they represent. Guess what? The kid that lives under me and the other little kid he plays road hockey with an the entire novice team he p
  • You know what you did...

    I hope that your father is in hell because you are a decitful person. I hope that your kid is going to be ugly. Your fat ass is going to be a terrible mother because of your loose morals. You will be a terrible role model for it (kid). Karma is going
  • Sensitive/Schemsitive

    To my co-worker who constantly complains about the smells in the office-no dear you cannot smell someone's cold germs....(you however may be the exception in that ability)I changed my laundry detergent and fabric softner not out of concern for you an
  • Asshole car alarm owner

    To the asshole who left his car alarm going for 5 hours outside on the street last night . (Lucknow St. Halifax) You are an asshole there is no other way to say it. I saw the cops out there and of course the alarm stopped so I thought, great, finally I c
  • Downtown bar

    4 of us went out to a club downtown on Saturday night.We arrived at 1 am and paid full cover. We went out for a smoke at 140am and they refused to let us back in. We also couldn't leave because we had our jackets in the coat check. We had bracelets,
  • All request for morons

    I have recently starting listening to the radio during work to have some background noise and to drown out the construction going on outside. I do appriacate that the radio has a set playlist and have to play popluar music more often untill the masses be


  • Sleep Country
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  • Sleep Country

    PEI country-rockers and the Orb Weavers wake up In a Fever, In a Dream.

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  • Africville redux?
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  • Africville redux?

    Uniacke Square is threatened by the same social forces that led to Africville's destruction.
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  • Good Food Emporium

    The management switch at Bob & Lori's Food Emporium (2179 Gottingen) became official Thursday and the popular joint's also got a new name.New managers Stephen Fowler, Paul Rogers, Carole LeBlanc and Eric Gunnels are calling the eatery The Good Food Emporium. (It reminds me of Putnam's Prairie Emporium, the show with the talking moose head.) There won't be any talking moose at TGFE, there will be something almost as good: Starting this weekend, the restaurant will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-2pm for weekend brunch. "The menu hasn't been determined yet, but it should be much more extensive
  • Hockey Nation
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  • Hockey Nation

    A thousand Latvians and hundreds of Latvian Canadians will be in Halifax this week for the IIHF tourney. Between games they'll be drinking Zelta and celebrating Latvija, where simply showing up is victory.
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