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Welcome to the dungeon

The Society of Bastet opens its BDSM gates to the public on February 17.

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Get a little naughty with the kinksters in Dartmouth.

In the absence of the Everything To Do With Sex Show this year, the Society of Bastet is opening its dungeon’s doors to the public.

The alternative lifestyles community is inviting anyone interested in kink and community building to check out their Dartmouth play-space on February 17, with hopes that a strong public showing can pave the way for an organically grown Halifax sex show.

“We’ve been around for nine years now, but a lot of people still don’t know that we exist,” says Innoupted, a Bastet board member who was only comfortable using their “scene” name.

The open house will include demonstrations typically showcased at the annual sex show: suspension, flogging, spanking, impact play, fire, wax, needle play, and electrical.

“If you’re curious about it, I’ll be like, ‘Here, I’ll show you on your arm,’” says Innoupted. “You can get a mini sample of it.”

The Calgary-based Canwest Productions brought its touring Everything To Do With Sex Show to the Cunard Centre for the past nine years, but Halifax wasn’t on the list for 2018’s schedule.

Innoupted says the society is “really feeling the loss” of the sex show. Bastet sees their membership purchases increase substantially every year after ticket-buyers come meet them and check out their demos.

“A lot of that is what keeps the club going,” says T-Lums, another board member.

If the feedback from the open dungeon event is good, the society hopes to work with other local organizations and businesses in bringing Halifax’s own sex show to life.

“From the Halifax community, for the Halifax community to promote healthy and happy sex lives,” says Innoupted, “and take the taboo away from the bedroom and say it’s not something to be ashamed of.”

The Bastet event will be open to anyone over the age of 19. Waiver forms won’t need to be signed.

Society of Bastet presents: School of Kink’s Open Dungeon (19+)
Saturday, February 17, 2-5pm
1-327 Windmill Road, Dartmouth

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