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Sorry veggies, flowers are the new CSA

Humble Burdock Farms can hook you up with weekly bouquets, all summer long

Sorry veggies, flowers are the new CSA
Humble Burdock's fresh tulips

“I actually went to art school for drawing and painting, and I couldn’t find that connection between colour and getting outside in the natural world. I didn’t realize flowers would be the colour palate I get to paint with,” says Amanda Muis Brown of Humble Burdock Farms, a flower farm and design studio that specializes in seasonal flowers and wedding design.

You might also recognize the name (and the flowers) from Saturday mornings at the Historic Farmers’ Market (1496 Lower Water Street), but Humble Burdock is branching out a bit this spring and summer, offering a Floral CSA, like your standard veggie CSA (community supported agriculture), except your pick-up is an ever-changing seasonal bouquet.

“We don’t always know what we’re going to have, it’s all about seasonality. I think that’s what makes it so fun,” says Muis Brown, a self-proclaimed flower fanatic who grows over 100 types of flowers in the Annapolis Valley. Right now, it’s tulip and daffodil season, but she says the lush bouquets she sends out will change a lot over the 16 weeks that the CSA runs. "You just have to grow with the flow," she adds, laughing.

The summer session kicks off July 1 with the option for either weekly or bi-weekly bouquets, that'll be available for pick-up at Local Source (2530 Agricola Street) on Wednesdays. For prices, and details on how to sign up read Muis Brown's detailed manifesto.

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