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Leno jokes about Jost

That's what you get for naming your wine 4Skins

I've had many a giggle when my wine perusal leads me to Jost Vineyards' hilariously named (if your mind is with mine, in the gutter) 4Skins red wine. This week, the almighty Jay Leno did too; he brought up the award-winning bottle during his usual funny headlines segment. Jost, you've made it to late night TV, which in my books means: you've arrived!

Since its release in 2011 4Skins has gotten lots of talk not just for its great name (Reddit ate that up) but for its flavour too (it won silver medals from the 25th Tasters Guild International Wine Competition and the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition). A release today quotes the vineyard's owner Carl Sparkes saying, "Feedback has been very positive, both for the funny name and especially for the wine itself. Made with 4 different grapes fermented on their skins, it is a very approachable, full bodied red wine. 4 Skins is becoming one of our most popular wines for sharing.” OK, I can't even touch that last line. Before I make any inappropriate commentary, here's the clip:

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