Junk & Foibles, If Only | Shoptalk | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Some sad but expected news: Junk & Foibles on Barrington officially closed last Saturday, after spending the past few weeks selling off racks, vintage dresses and styrofoam heads for crazy-reasonable prices. We’ll miss you, friend...If you’re a clever soul who feels able to successfully navigate the confusing, metal, construction-related mazes currently in front of the Park Victoria, you’ll be pleased to learn that Trinity Restaurant & Catering (1333 South Park) is remaining open during the Park Vic face-lift...A Halifax branch of Lebanese eatery Kababji (202 Brownlow Avenue, Dartmouth) is set to open sometime in May, at 1535 Dresden Row. (Yes, the belly-dancers, falafels and grape leaves are Halifax-bound, too)...The old Supervideo space (1300 Queen) has finally been leased and the new store that’ll fill it up, If Only, will be surfing-related---though Morris Street is still a no-surfing zone. Watch here for more...Three weeks after we got you pumped about the amazing selection of wings at Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar (5650 Spring Garden), they still haven’t opened and their door’s still boasting a sign that reads “Under Construction, Opening Soon.” The bar’s waiting for its liquor licence---no concrete word yet on when that’ll be resolved. (We’ll keep checking the door, I guess?)

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