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  • Apr 3-9, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 45

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  • No-plow know-how
  • Lowefiles
  • No-plow know-how

    With the Winter Parking Ban over and not once enforced, Lezlie Lowe sleeps soundly, now that she doesn’t have 
to worry about moving her car.
  • Cars vs transit
  • Transit
  • Cars vs transit

    Halifax’s transportation future could include A new cross-harbour bridge, a south end highway, ferries and buses

Food + Drink

Arts + Culture

  • Pico Iyer and the Dalai Lama
  • Literary
  • Pico Iyer and the Dalai Lama

    Pico Iyer, one of the world’s most respected travel
writers, shares years of personal conversations with one of the most fascinating people, the Dalai Lama.
  • Green Gables
  • Literary
  • Green Gables

    Anne Of Green Gables is not just a favourite childhood read, but a cultural phenomenon and a thriving industry. For her 100th birthday, Anne Shirley celebrates with controversial new books and an upcoming mini-series.


  • Snailhouse trail
  • Feature
  • Snailhouse trail

    Indie pop collaborator Mike Feuerstack brings his own Snailhouse to Halifax.

Love the way we bitch

  • squeegeers

    What the fuck is wrong with getting a real job and contributing to society? I'm referring to the squeegee-fucks at the Willow-tree. Just because the goddamn light turns red doesn't mean I want my goddamn window (that I washed 2 days before) scrubbed wi
  • Canada the true north strong and free

    What the fuck is it with this country? ARGH!!I just spent the last hour looking at the ZENN car (zero emmission, no noise), a beautiful electric car that is manufactured in Canada but that WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE ON OUR ROADS YET.And the reason
  • New Law

    Heard on the news this morning that police are also stopping people for drinking a beverage while driving. April fools joke or reality? Jsut asking.
  • flyers

    why the fuck is it when you don't have the money stuff goes on sale 1/2 price? pisses me off
  • Rude Dal Guy

    To the Dalhousie Engineering student who shoved past me as I was exiting the Sexton gym: When you suddenly sped up towards the door, I thought you were going to open the door for me (since I was about to open it for myself). Instead, you opened it and sh
  • Smoking buses

    I don't know who monitors this but they sure aren't doing their job. At the bus terminals/stops there are signs stating no smoking or else you can be fined. I counted 7 smokers at the bus terminal area near the MaDonald bridge the other day. One of the
  • Deartest Husband

    Honey, I love you with all my heart. But you need to grow the fuck up. You leave me home alone every day with kids. You take off after work and do fuck knows what. Then you take off during the weekends to the bars with your friends and are do fuck knows
  • You've left a lasting impression

    When I was leaving the Halifax Shopping Centre you said something to me and I didn't catch what you said so I just smiled and said "Hi". Then you said "FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING FAGGOT". I didn't know what to do so I just left, I walked through the lobby door
  • SUBordinateWAY

    Customer service being the front line promotion for any business is at a loss to you little fella. Me taller, you shorter. I didn't bring it up. Yet, due to your extreme shortness and pea sized briain the first thing you said to me was "man, your nose
  • me

    life at the coast must be sad... why is it that most articles seem to be negative, are you all gen X'ers....this mag truely is a rag
  • I gotta take a DUUUUUMMMMMPPPPPP!

    What the fuck is with guys in public washrooms who use the only toilets available to piss, instead of urinals? Bathroom stalls in men's washrooms should be strictly for dumping, especially if they are the only ones available!I fucking hate it when I g
  • Labelling system needed

    How many times have I spent money and time on some woman, finally gotten her into bed, only to find she's one of those that needs "extra help" to finish, if you know what I mean. If I don't go down there and put in some extra work beyond the usual call
  • the final frontier

    please make the space for writing bitches and comments bigger, so people can re-read what they type before they submit it
  • Blue Over Oil

    The oil company that comes to my two-person house, a week after Spring begins, and fills my tank to the absolute top and then slides the $638.00 bill under my door. First,show your face, call before you come or at least ask if we want the refill. Second,
  • drunk

    To the fucking clueless drunk who decided our front hallway was the perfect place to drop a grand slam: next time you decide to get so fucking drunk you can't contain either your stomach or your bowels, please, DON'T! At the very least you could have gon
  • comments

    I think the comments are the best part of these posts. The fact that many times the commenter misses the point is hilarious. Keep up the good work you bitches
  • Snowbank shoes

    To the jerk that picked up my daughters lost shoe and chucked it in the snow bank, thanks so much for your help! When I called out to you and asked you if you had a little shoe in your hand, and you said “Yeah, I’ll just leave it here for you” (and the
  • aaargh

    when did people start usig the word "minus" instead of "subtract," as in "i'll minus that from the total"? it kinda makes you look stupid
  • bad manners are bad

    This is directed at the dumb blond bitch at the Joel Plaskett show on Saturday. You decided to move in on the space I was trying to save for my friend, and when he came back I asked you politely to move over a bit, so he could make his way back into the
  • idiots that watch intelligent movies

    to the fucking idiots that blabbled about osma bin laden all the way home from mumford to lacewood terminal . i almost got up and plowed ya one . you had no sensitivity to who was on the buss, who might have gotten stress after 911 and talking about war
  • fireworks in the asshole's hands

    To the assholes who set my house on fire when I was at work: FUCK YOU! You opened the door to my apartment, threw in lit fireworks and ran. One roommate came home shortly after and managed to put out the blaze before it consumed more then the snow shovel
  • Move, bitch. Get out the way.

    I understand that an empty seat on the bus is an available seat, so i politely moved my bags onto my lap this morning when you needed to sit. But minutes later when the bus cleared out, and we were surrounded by vacant seats, your fat ass stayed parked n
  • I gotta take a DUUUUUMMMMMPPPPPP!

    What the fuck is with guys in public washrooms who use the only toilets available to piss, instead of urinals? Bathroom stalls in men's washrooms should be strictly for dumping, especially if they are the only ones available!I fucking hate it when I g
  • Im not a "Baby sitter"

    To all the single and or live at home Mom's who think that its a good idea to pack up your kids,(usually 3 -5 of them) and spend the day walking aimlessly around the grocery store..."Stay the fuck home!!" I work for a large grocery..err..Grocery/Daycare
  • whaaaa?

    when did prostitutes start being called "sex workers"?did they unionize or something?
  • The Fake Hug

    I am so sick and tired of having to engage in and witness the fake hug. It's ridiculous.Hey person I just met at a party last weekend: Don't fake hug me when we run into each other on the street. I know you're trying to look cool with your buddies b
  • My boss

    I'd love to know why my boss is such a fucking idiot. All day long, (especially when it isn't busy), he wanders in and out of my office, and most of the time during these (rather frequent) visits, he leans and hoovers over my desk. Not because i need ass
  • Spring

    Hello, it's spring out! Where is the birds, flowers and green grass?
  • Bitch about the Bitchers

    Ok seriously.....I come here to read about bitches, serious gripes peolpe have with society, general issues, the government, stinky pillows the cat rubbed on etc.....I DID NOT come her to see stupid bitches of people bitch biting each other in the commen
  • The Coast

    Step 1 - Admire CoverStep 2 - BlahhhhhhStep 3 - Comic section! (minus that Jesse Jacobs shitstorm)Step 4 - Use to pick up dog shit
  • 15 year olds going on 6 years old.

    To most high school students in the north end: Grow the fuck up.Seriously, I've never seen a larger bunch of students so immature in my life, and I've worked in a school before. You're all treating the city like a playground or, worse yet, as a spitt
  • Why does downtown Halifax look like a war zone?

    Why does downtown Halifax look like a war zone? Specifically Hollis Street which seems to be perpetually dug-up/in a state of flux. Not to mention the garbage. I mean afterall the seat of our government is located there and one would think that things wo
  • bitch forum sucks

    web nazi isn't doing a damn thing. there should be more rules to prevent new people from being chased out of here. like banning those who crap on the newcomers.
  • Learn to serve wine properly!

    This is for all the restaurants, bars and other type drinking establishments who serve wine .... learn how to serve wine!!!!Wine is meant to be served in a clean glass, void of someone else's lipstick, food particles etc. Wine should be served in a dr
  • please god tell me why...

    I am FORCED to have a pap test before I am allowed to obtain birth control. Don't get me wrong... I am 100% cool with a gyno shoving an IUD up my vag. But I am frustrated to motherfucking hell at the prospect of being denied BIRTHCONTROL if I refuse t
  • Hali

    I'm from Toronto. I must say I like the people here in Halifax but unfortunately it seems as if they are as equally brainwashed and indoctrinated as the rest of Canada.
  • Unequality Reigns

    Isn't it funny that women can joke about men and their shortcomings these days but if we say the least funny thing about a woman and/or her gender, then you're lower than ant shit. I feel so bad for men today (yes, I am female) because they're scared to
  • Shut Up!!

    To the assholes that live in the apt above me:Every Friday and Saturday night you have ridiculously loud parties with huge bass pumping throughout our building and it is fucking annoying!! I get that you wanna have a social life and have people over --
  • Employment Insurance = Pathetic

    I am beside myself about EI , my girlfriend is on Maternity leave and it's bad enough she's only getting about half of her actual salary every couple of weeks ( which is pathetic in itself ) now that she wants to go back to work ( 1 day a week ) EI is G
  • Dear Neptune, what the fuck...?

    Disney's High School Musical? Is that an artistic expression worthy to be at Neptune? Are the majority of your subcribers 13 year old girls? You continue to alienate the artistic community with this Disney cash cow. High School Musical is a movie, ice sh
  • COME ON!

    Hey shittyballs!When I see you wearing those brown boots you stole from my store, I'm gonna tear you a new ass-hole.No really.
  • Taz Records

    How did I not hear until today that Robert Lawrence was shoved out of Taz Records?! He was a great guy to talk records with, and it's a shame their business had to turn sour for him.
  • Expired Expiry Dates

    For crying out loud, how often are expiration dates checked on products in our grocery stores?? Last time I checked, August 2007 comes BEFORE 2008. The majority of these 'out of date' products tend to be in the Health Food Sections and Ethnic Food sectio
  • Cranky Haligonians

    Seriously, I've never seen such a mass population of whiners and complainers. I didn't know a town full of rednecks could be so damn cranky. Get your thumbs out of your ass, stop bitching and go outside and play.
  • Relax

    To the stressed out peeps who stress out those around them unfairly - relax. Be nice. Slow down. Take a breath before you breath out negativity. Be friendly to the now and good things will happen.
  • Would Dalhousie please stop ignoring the DWC!

    Why is it that Dalhousie ignored their Women's Center and doesn't make an effort to tell students about it? What are they afraid of? I can remember in the end of my first year that I was sick of residence and sick of eating bread because of the serio
  • men!

    What is it with Halifax men? It seems like none of you want a committed relationship these days.. you want to just be "friends only".. one of these days you're going to wake up alone and realize that not every girl is willing to sleep with someone who ju
  • Abortions

    Abortions should be legal only in the cases where the person's life is endangered. Just because you go off and fuck the lastest man that crosses your bed and oops creat a child doesn't give you the right to kill it ! You have choices, use condoms, birthc
  • OK, who let the stupid people out?

    Fuckin' jaywalkers. Two of 'em on Gottingen between Cornwallis and North, just wandering out into traffic. Then some stupid lazy fuck staggering across the toll plaza on the Macdonald. Lazy because the crosswalk is TEN FUCKING FEET AWAY!!!
  • my lunch break IS MY LUNCH BREAK!

    So what if i dont leave everyday at noon to go drown myself in fat from the fast food joints around town and instead i bring a lunch..So when i st down at my desk at 12 noon (we dont have a lunch room) and take a bite of my sandwich.. PISS OFF!! no i wo
  • Wasting more of our money?

    This is a two part bitch, aimed at the moeny wasting in Halifax. To start off, this purposed "new trade and convention centre/harbour crossing", seriously, what the hell? The current convention centre in Halifax isn't falling down, don't build a new one,
  • COME ON!

    Hey shittyballs!When I see you wearing those brown boots you stole from my store, I'm gonna tear you a new ass-hole.No Really ya fuck.
  • Cover it Up!

    Please, please, please - cover your mouth when you cough! I don't care if it's a smoker's cough and not a cold - I still don't want your germs. I know it's tough because you feel the need to cough every 2 minutes or so, but PLEASE - cover your mouth!
  • Fast F'N Ferries

    I have been listening with half hearted anger to the talk of fast ferry service to bedford, thinking, there is no way the public would fall for it, or allow it to happen.But lo and behold the city council has voted to dole out tax payer money on it. Th

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