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Forest Child Natural Beauty grows up

Its mini-shop and studio open July 7

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Olivia McMackin

After making 2017 the year of planning, 2018 is the year of doing for Olivia McMackin, founder of Forest Child Natural Beauty which brings high-performance makeup, skincare and hair brands to the east coast.
“I decided to let it be a little whatever it wants to be. Let’s see how it goes and what people want, let’s see how I can best serve my customers,” says McMackin, who launched the brand in November. “The more I’ve been working with people I’ve learned the experience of one-on-one consultation is kind of like the best situation, the best experience.”

On July 7, Forest Child—which has mainly been operating online, with some pop-ups here and there—will open a brick-and-mortar location at 1094 Bedford Highway, an at-home venture that will serve as both a studio and mini-shop. There, prospective customers can book consultations (solo or in a group setting) or keep an eye open for drop-in hours for shopping.

“It’s a time for the customer to come to me with any concerns they may have in terms of skin condition, or if they’re looking for something specific they can ask questions and try things,” says McMackin of the 45-minute consultations. “Whether it’s makeup or skin and body care, they can come to me and get any info they may need, I can make recommendations and we can find the best product for them.”

McMackin hopes her mini-shop will offer a better experience for people hesitant to order makeup or skin products online and that it’ll allow her the freedom to keep re-evaluating her model over time. You can book appointments with her at, which is also where she’ll post drop-in hours for intrigued shoppers.
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