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Darren Fisher

District 6 (Harbourview - Burnside - Dartmouth East)

Darren Fisher
Megan Rudson

2013 grade: B-
2012 grade: F
2011 grade: C-
2010 grade: C+
2009 grade: N/A
Cell: 497-7166

Darren Fisher had by far the most embarrassing council moment this year. The business he started, Nic Nax convenience stores, ended up on the city's uncollectable debt list, owing $82,000 for bus passes sold, but not paid back to the city. After he was elected in a 2009 by-election, Fisher got out of the day-to-day operations of the business, handing it over to his brother Dale. Darren Fisher says he signed papers in June of 2012 that legally separated him from the business, but as the city was trying to recoup the loss in the latter part of last year, Fisher was still listed as a director. We examined the paperwork in detail, and it can back up Fisher's explanation, although you could read culpability into it as well. Still, we believe Fisher, and give him a pass on that bit of nastiness.

Otherwise, Fisher remains remarkably silent at council meetings, and votes more or less with the crowd. He gets high marks, however, because of his constituency work, which we are repeatedly told is the best of the bunch.

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