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Best of Halifax

Best Salad

Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods, Halifax

Best Salad

Gold Winner Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods, Halifax

Silver Winner The Canteen

Bronze Winner enVie a vegan kitchen

The Pete’s salad contains multitudes. It is a math problem: How many different combinations can you make from the 30 plus ingredients? It is a clown car, the normal-sized takeout box managing to hold an extraordinary amount of food. It’s quick, convenient and easy, yet couldn’t be more fresh, natural and healthy. “It’s become a staple,” says Samantha Warshick, Pete’s marketing and communications strategist. “It’s become a part of who we are.” This traditional side player has a starring role, with so many gold wins as the city’s Best Salad that is is hereby elevated to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame. From now on, this is one salad that can’t be topped.

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