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Best Salad

Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods, Halifax

Gold Winner Pete’s Fine Foods, Halifax

Silver Winner enVie—A Vegan Kitchen

Bronze Winner 2 Doors Down Food + Wine

The popularity of Pete’s build-your-own salad is a sign Halifax is changing for the better. This is the town, after all, where the best option for fresh veggies at lunch used to be the tomatoes and onions on a donair. Thanks to Pete’s, now the options are endless. Literally. There are typically 30 different offerings at the salad bar—leafy greens like romaine and spinach to chickpeas, black olives and shredded cheeses. Math tells us that means 30 factorial combinations, or 30 times 29 times 28 times 27 and so on. That’s more than enough for every Haligonian to eat a different salad every day of the year, for over a thousand years. And that doesn’t even include the 13 kinds of dressing. Think about those extra permutations for a second, and you’ll start to understand why everybody says Pete’s salad is mind blowing.

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