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  • Apr 24-30, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 48

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  • Broken sign on Queen Street near Spring Garden
  • City
  • Broken sign on Queen Street near Spring Garden

    This sign on Queen Street near Spring Garden is all like, “I’m gonna lie on the ground, dude,” and we’re all, “No way, dude…you’re a sign! You tell people about parking!” And it’s all like, “Whatever, man,” and then it totally lies down, right there on t
  • Nothing going
  • Transit
  • Nothing going

    Council makes big plans for urban streetscapes but cuts the budget for street tress and bike paths
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Arts + Culture

  • Rockin' Roll
  • Dance
  • Rockin' Roll

    Ame Henderson interprets contemporary dance through the structure of a live rock concert.
  • Good cop
  • Film + TV
  • Good cop

    Homicide and The Wire actor, director and real-life activist Clark Johnson comes to this year's ViewFinders film Festival
  • Laugh tracking
  • Comedy
  • Laugh tracking

    Picnicface, Halifax’s most popular comedy troupe, sell out biweekly shows. Their YouTube video views are in the millions and their agent lives in Los Angeles. Even so, they’re still pushing for the right laughs.
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  • Proof Positive
  • Feature
  • Proof Positive

    Banjo storyteller Old Man Ludecke returns with new album Proof of Love

Love the way we bitch

  • why do peaple feel the need to bitch..

    I was at walmart before and over heard a woman exclaime to her doughter. 'I don't shop at walmart everything's hear is crap''. uh excuse me woman your at wlamart and shopping. So if you don't like Walmart then get out please we don't need to know your
  • "green" buses busted

    I practically choked on my toast when I saw that Ambassafrickintours had an ad in your Green publication.They are the WORST when it comes to HOURS AND HOURS of needless idling and their drivers either shrug you off or are really rude if you ask them abo

    To the many people who stop by our overly convenient curbside compost bins on Northwood Terrace: no more dog shit in bags, no more Tim's cups with plastic lids, no more random grocery bags full of garbage and especially NO MORE OF THOSE GODDAM WHITE PLAS
  • 8am until 10pm

    To my understanding when a grocery store is opened for 14 hour's 6 day's a week and 6 to 8 hour's on a Sunday is this not enough time to get your grocerie's,or maybe it is just me that make's a list when i start to run out of thing's i need to get by wee
  • fuck you..............

    My rant is short and to the point... GO Fucking kill Yourselves. Walmart associates . you all think your better then the other stores like say mine zellers. HA! i was in your store before and i couldn't understand why you have to be so immature went
  • Delivery Sucks

    I just ordered Pizza from a certain establishment mumford ways, price was wrong, timing was LATE and when allw as done , I opened the box and it was the wrong order, when I called to complain, I was yelled at by the loser fuckass who took my order, Fuck
  • SOB Driver

    To the SOB driver (opps, I mean SUV driver) at the corner by Tony's pizza on Friday: Your absolute 'need' to make a left hand turn into the crosswalk where I was walking almost killed me. You were going so fast there wasn't a thing I could do even though
  • you think you're god's gift to earth...

    Well, let me tell you; YOU AREN'T! Long before i met you, I only heard bad things about you. Once I met you, I realized all the things i heard were true and I promised myself never to get invovled with you... Then I found myself dating you (and I really
  • A Dying Art

    Figure it out, grammartards. It's not hard.Their, there, and they're are three different words with entirely different meanings.Its and it's are two different words with different meanings.Your and you're are two different words with different mea
  • nosey fucking old bitch

    to the nosey fucking old bitch that should be home on her retirement plan, what i wear is none of your business , you came up and asked if i had cancer!! If i choose to wear something on my head for fashion that is my fucking choice, you didn't even say
  • Drivers of Halifax: relax

    To all the people driving around honking, running lights, giving people the finger and generally getting crazy on the roads in Halifax: Chill out.It's nice out, the pedestrians are out of hibernation and you can shake your fist and blast your horn unti
  • Dont tell me this is chicken!

    OK sooo I was so excited this Sunday night to go to a resturant I heard so many great things about.And I order a dish which chicken and bamboo shoots. 45 min later they bring me something with dark meat and green and red peppers and because of my great N
  • Dear Mrs. Doormat

    I listened to you whine about your philandering husband who treats all women like sperm receptacles. I tried to help you with your self-esteem that this asshole continually trampled by flaunting his affairs in your face. I read all your pathetic e-mail
  • Atlantic Home Warranty Sucks

    I hate Atlantic Home Warranty. My house has an major problem -they say it ain't under warranty. But I know it is. Neighbor has same problem. But they say our aren't the same. I hate AHW. Waste of money.
  • Police roadblocks: Do we really need 'em THAT frequently?

    Living where I do, it's very common to see Military Police officers on patrol in their cars, which I think is great considering the recent spikes in violence in our city. However, Is it really necessary for them to hold nearly bi-weekly sticker check roa
  • Neck Breathers

    Honestly, what is the point of you neck breathers standing literally an inch from my neck in the grocery store. Does it look like I have a F#%in sandle on my back? No! So get the f*#% off
  • spring is here

    spring is here!!! summer is comming , I just have one thing too say...girls...and guys...If your fat then you shouldn't wear that ... Please if it doesn't fit you or its skin tight, or if its for someone thats thin please i am not a fan off the hank hill
  • Sex + Public Bathroom = Gross

    To the guys have sex in stall # 2 at reflections on Saturday Night: Gross. Everyone knew it was going on. You could even see your feet in the gross bathroom water that was on the floor and you just kept going at it. God only knows if you used a condom. I
  • Truthless Story?

    Now don't get me wrong, I like the Mike Holmes strip, and though I may come off as a prat I just can't let it go. Something about this weeks "True Story" bugged me and I couldn't figure out why. No, it wasn't that the sunset was setting in what appeared
  • inconsiderate jerks.

    PLEASE STOP DOING YOUR SHOPPING 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE MALL CLOSES.IT CLOSES AT 9:00pm.I HAVE A BUS TO CATCH.YOU ASSHOLES CONTINUALLY MAKE ME MISS all you assholes who insist on shopping, trying stuff on and even having the nerve to ask u
  • Blonde Bitch on the #7 Bus

    This is to the blonde bitch that every morning needs to get on the bus first. You afraid you pretty little ass is going to get cold? You even walk farther to another bus stop to get on the bus first. I really wanted to knock you the fuck out the other da
  • Crappy Cancer Center Co-worker

    You're annoying sighs and rude demeanor is unacceptable. You seem to "act professional" whenever a higher up is around. (dr, nurse) You seem so miserable. However you managed to get a job working with cancer patients is beyond me. What goes around comes
  • Blockbuster Parking Lot

    To the asshole in the Blockbuster parking lot Friday night: I hope you rot in hell. We pulled into the goddamn parkinglot BEFORE you, asshole, yet you sped past us in that tiny place, where there's bearely enough room for one car, and then you thought yo
  • attn: ex boyfriends..

    I just don't get it. why the fuck do you have to come back into my life, years down the motherfucking road and tell me you still have feelings for me ... BUT YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. It's just not fair, especially when more than one of you does this. it's
  • not a good problem solver...

    To all you posters that suggest people just walk/take a cab/get a car when they have a gripe about people on the bus, those are not good suggestions!!! In fact, you sound like morons making such suggestions! Especially those of you who say to get a car
  • Crocks or flats....neither

    OK ok sooooo i descide to write another blog , if thats what you call it or a bitch because it felt so good to get the things off my chest, and i like all the comments good ones and negative ones I got to hear what you guys all thought all 8 of you and
  • Snap, click say cheese even if you don't want to

    Ok I know this might be a repeat of another post. But what the fuck is up with people snapping pictures of people that don't look normal to them with their camera phones? I think it is a huge invasion of privacy and doesn't do good for the person's self
  • metro transit can suck it, i'm getting a bike

    On Friday I was going to catch the #14 bus heading downtown at Oxford and Allan streets. I was just about to cross the street when the bus pulled up. I sprinted across the street to catch it, only to have the bus driver pull away from the stop as I was a
  • give me my shit back

    why is it that my sibling is only willing to share when it is my possessions at stake? i eat your gum and you freak out but when you find something that i have been looking for it's yours now, or "we can share it" and when i protest i am the one that sh
  • Who asked you?

    I had long hair for years, and I seldom received feedback on my hair. I cut my hair short, and suddenly, I am the recipient of unsolicited comments about my hairstyle. I won’t complain about the compliments. It’s the critical innuendo and occasional b
  • Fuck the Metro

    I have tried giving you a chance, I have taken every paper your slaves have forced on me on the street, I never cared much for whats inside, but for the most part, whatever, its something to read. City Pizza only opened rather recently, and tragically, b
  • Granted it's ageism!

    Dear Government,As a current full-time mature student who is returning to school in September I am happy to see so many wonderful opportunities available for summer employment! After working for 10 years in your funded Call Centers in Halifax, I am fin
  • Dear customer,

    Please stop coming into stores when you know that they close in like 5 minutes, it's fucking annoying. Sure, whatever you knew what you were coming to get and blah blah blah, the emploies don't give a shit we just wanna go home, we do have lives outside
  • Where is Ross Neilson?

    I head out on Tuesday night to Stayner's to see the talented Ross Neilson play, as listed in The Coast's daily music listings. No Ross. No music period. Not the first time I've been disapointed with the Coast's live music listings. Conflicts between
  • Panties red flashes

    ok, to you babes on the buses and wherever with little minis you cannot sit without flashing your pink panties , don't blame us guys for saw me and you say whatcha you looking? where you wanna me to look if you show everything to everyone in
  • Screw Helvetica

    If I have to look at one more logo in Helvetica or Arial I am going to loose my last thousand lunches in one fell swoop. Fuck the Swiss design school, fuck the dehumanizing clean lines, the oh so mind numbing utilitarianism of it all. While we are at it
  • asked and answered

    Does it drive me crazy when people ask a question and then answer it themselves ? yes it does.Do people who do this sound like assholes? yes they do.But will these people continue to do this? Of course.
  • Game theory

    To everyone that is pissed off about Halifax dropping the Commonwealth games bid, seek psychological counsel! We are talking about $1B+. The idea that Halifax is in any way able to host such an event is one my brain can’t explain. The city can’t even get
  • bike helmet

    After finishing my lunch at Tarek's at Spring Garden Place (delicious, go there for lunch BTW, it's great) I realised that I had left my bike helmet at the RBC ATM behind the Starbucks. I went back there and my bike helmet was gone! To the person who t
  • Coast celebration party- white bread

    Whoa!! COAST-- couldn't ya have invited a couple of red; yellow; brown; and black faces to your party? --Just enough to get in the on-line pics to display supooed mass appeal and diversity? Hey...white bread ain;t the healthiest.
  • Is it too much to ask... be able to go to a store, any store will do, and be able to have SELECTION of things not manufactured in China, Bangladesh, or some other place where the poor bastards making all this stuff get more than one dollar a day?Sure, that's why things g
  • kijiji rip offs!

    who the fuck would by a fucking formal dinner table off kijiji for $5200???? come on folks people weren't born yesterday! they go there for bargains not some high priced crap. also to a certain store in dartmouth on wyse road that buys up kijiji stuff ch
  • Warning to the religious old chicks...

    .... that want to come to my house and try to preach some shit to me. Please know what the hell you are talking about before I grill you. I do not like you annoying the shit outta me when i am baked and cannot answer my questions. How can i convert, w
  • you in the gray sports car at shoppers parking lot

    you in that gray sports car pakred at hte clayton park shopping center parking lot. what's your deal you were there forever this week. you think youre tough calling me and other peaple sorry i'am more like a bitch!!please fucking commit suicd
  • I am NOT homophobic I'm asshole-phobic!

    To start i want to say I DO NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE, LESBIANS, BISEXUALS...infact some of my best friends are all three... thinker for... but regardless, gay and i mean GAY people piss me off, not the "ya I'm a guy who happens to like another guy" kind of ga
  • Sublet this Halifax

    As a student who has recently moved I'm sick and tired of going on kijiji or the coast's housing classifieds areas and dealing with bullshit. I'm looking for an apartment, not a sublet, yet when I look in the apartment section, what do I find? FUCKING SU
  • Hours of the Bathroom

    What time to the bloody new bathrooms on the north side of the commons open? Shitting & pissing all over the commons is a drag because the bathrooms are generally locked during my morning run. Please open at 7:00 am daily.
  • Bus Riding Lesson

    To the hordes of mindless drones who take the 1 Spring Garden, and probably most of the other busses... WAKE UP. It's always busy and crowded so if there's a seat, SIT IN IT don't stand beside it. If there's space at the back, hello... MOVE TO THE BA
  • The buses are wheelchair accessible, right? WRONG!!!!

    I was on the number 1 Spring Garden on the weekend and there was a gentleman in a wheelchair waiting at Scotia Square to catch a bus. When the bus pulled to a stop he was refused service because the route is not wheekchair accessible and he was told that
  • Municipal Malfunction Still Malfunctioning

    Municipal malfunction aka "On Patrol" uses ahme to get 'da gubbmint' to fix the city. I now call on the Website Nazi to round up his huge team of website developers to fix the "Still Broken" section of On Patrol! I bitched about this once upon a time, an
  • Seriously?

    Miley Cyrus is writing her memoirs. She's fifteen years old. A blatant attempt to make scam even more money out of parents of young girls, or evidence of a seriously inflated ego?
  • This one's for YOU

    Coast, I am really fed-up with your pretentiousness. I used to live in Montreal, and they have a weekly called the Mirror. It is PAINFULLY obvious that you've copied most of your material from them. Man, I have sooo many beefs with the Coast.Leslie Lowe
  • So fucking MAD! FUCK!!!

    His cancer is no longer treatable, we have done all we can do.... The cancer has spread to his lungs, liver and brain......we just have to make him "comfortable" ... Comfortable, what the fuck?!?!fucking bloody hell... he is 55 years old... too fuc
  • Penny Chuckers

    To the faux-hawk fuck-tard, his fat friend, and their token dumb blonde: you were walking down the hill towards the waterfront and for some fucking unknown-to-sane-people reason you were throwing pennies at cars, and you hit mine, not realizing we were s
  • Citadel Hell

    I really must vent about this absolutely redicoulous piece of garbage of a school. First of all we only have 5 mins to get between classes. Second they lock the Ahern Street entrance yeah the one with the bridge in fact for all 1700 of us we only have tw
  • Maritime Bandwagon......

    ... is in full effect with the Sid the Kid craze...... ... ovechekin > crosbyGO CAPS.*note, this was posted prior to game 7 tonight with the Caps/flyers, so if they lose, i dont want to hear shit*
  • "I wasnt cutting up onions"

    I was minding my own business the other day just doing some shopping at the local grocery store. I was in the pet food isle. When this "300 pound fat ass decided she would "crank" one out three feet ahead of me. Needless to say, I couldnt avoid the onsla
  • walmart fucking sucks

    i been around walmart employers for 8 monthes, i'am sick of the way they treat each their customers. the recent one is at bayer's lake one. it's an hour till ten at night. the bitches htere are complaning to each other i heard you say. I wish they leave
  • Foreign Fun

    To the person who was sitting beside me on the bus, I caught on to your creepy little game. When someone “dings” the bell indicating they would like to get off at the next stop, most people would move when the person beside them would like to get off, b
  • No Dicks About It

    For the guys in my class who go on and on AND ON about they’re package while I’m trying to work: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t give a shit how big your dick is. Yes it’s big, I bet you’re really proud, but you don’t have to keep saying it over and over again
  • Fool Survivor

    Maybe all I did was just survive because I was living with a soul-sucking,egomaniac. Hey.. I wasn't always a picnic. I always nursed you back to health when you were ill. I took care of your poor neglected dog and home. I did this because I loved you. At
  • where is my bitch

    i clicked 'proceed' last night and its not here. i again tried again today, this sucks...where is my is just as valid as some of the crap on here, the 'proceed' button sucks...
  • alpine jacket/handsfreecell girl

    What is it with you, blue alpine jacket, blond pony tail, blk cords girl? why must you stand on the bus(route54 montebello 5pmish) in front of the back door and yack everyones ear? Did you not realize how everyone on the bus was looking, talking about
  • re: ri-fucking-diculous

    We may have left the puke on the bus but it was the best birthday and we all had such a great time, we repeated the same performance this past Saturday. Too bad we took the #1 home instead of the #7. At least we'll all have framed copies of the little
  • NoName

    By all means,You responsibleFor the Back of ColdIn the weather,Please at onceReport Self NowTo the Principal,For all Sake.

    Does it drive me fucking crazy when idiots ask their own question and then answer it ? Yes it does.Are people who do this mindless fools? I believe so.Will these morons ever stop this stupid wordplay? I think not. That is all.
  • Homeless getting Ballsy

    To the guy begging for money on Spring Garden on Saturday, who yelled at me because I didn't have change: get a job! This is MY money and I don't have to give it to you. You keep insulting people and you're going to find someone who doesn't take it as we
  • garbage garbage everywhere

    Does anybody know who I can call to stop people throwing blue bags of advertising garbage on my lawn? My neighbourhood is littered with this crap.
  • review

    gingergrass is an outstanding restaurant. the best in halifax is JANE's.
  • Close Minded People

    Just because I "look" a certain way and my bf "looks" different why do you people have to judge him or I?? I love him and he loves me and we may not be the "cookie-cutter" image of what you people think a couple should look like, BUT that doesn't mean we
  • Meth much?

    As I walk down Spring Garden Road, I will get asked for 'spare change' at least half a dozen times. During the summer months, the frequency of requests increase. Being annoyed from this, I ignore them. However I have seen one panhandler in particular

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